Everything You Need to Know About Male Enhancement


Did you know that shorter groins make bigger erections? Several studies have revealed that men with shorter penises experience an 86% increase in their penis size on erection, whereas those with longer ones, experience growth closer to 47%. Maxis10, a leading male enhancement guide, stated that an average erection is 5.6 inches long. Here’s a look at some of the most commonly asked questions and their answers regarding male enhancement facts. 

  • How Can a Male Enhancement Supplement Help Enlarge the Penis?

You must be wondering whether the claims made by the male enlargement pills are actually true. The reality is that nothing, apart from surgery, can make your penis “grow”. However, it is possible to improve the quality of erections. You should know that the size of a man’s erection is based on blood flow to the penile chamber, which has very little to do with the flaccid size. Higher blood flow ensures harder and bigger erections. It is true that you can increase the size of your erections by increasing the blood flow, but the size of the penis itself cannot be physically altered through pills.

  • So, How do Penis Enlargement Pills Help?

They give you harder and longer erections, while also increasing the sex drive or libido. This gives you the much-required boost that makes you more motivated to engage in sexual activities. This means that arousal will be better, leading to higher blood flow to the penile chamber, which in turn will enhance the quality of erections.

  • Why are Male Enhancement Supplements Needed?

There is an undeniable relationship between one’s sexual performance and self-esteem. And lower self-esteem and self-confidence can have a significant impact on one’s social life and sense of well-being. As a matter of fact, some men are afraid to approach women because they are not comfortable with their own penis size. The best they can do is look for ways to enlarge their penis. The 100% natural male enhancement pills can improve sexual performance with better quality erections, without causing any harm to your body. 

  • Are They Safe?

Given the huge number of such supplements on the market and the incredible claims being made by many of them, it can get confusing whether these actually work and whether they would harm the body. This is why it is always useful to first do a bit of research, checking various male enhancement reviews and finally settling for a product that is formulated with 100% natural ingredients. Most pills containing only natural herbs and extracts can help overall health, even if they do not visibly enhance sexual performance and so are safe to consume. Some of the popular herbs used in these pills include Ginkgo Biloba, Epiderminum, Tribulus, etc., that have long been used as part of Chinese medicine or other Asian and South American medical practices. 

  • Do They Have Any Nutritional Value?

There are pills that act as a health supplement, being packed with nutrients. Such male enhancement supplements increase your energy so you feel great. A person who remains tired and exhausted most of the time can actually tell the difference after taking sexual enhancement pills. 

When you know the true male enhancement facts, you are less likely to get lured by false claims and take advantage of the benefits of such pills.

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