The High Tech Life: Gadgets and Apps to Give Parents More Time and Peace of Mind


If you have kids, you know how busy life can get. Not only do you have to worry about getting everything done at work, you have to make sure that your children have everything they need to have a fun and safe life. This can become very overwhelming for many parents.

With today’s technology, however, there are gadgets and apps you can find that will help eliminate some of the stress of parenting and make your lives a little easier. Whether your children are nine months or nine years old, you can use this technology to get peace of mind. Here are a few cool things you can look into if you want a little help.

Alarm Clock for Me

As your children get older, you may notice that it get harder and harder for them to get out of bed for school on time. This android alarm clock app can help you not only get your kids out of bed but teach them the responsibility of doing it themselves.

The app lets you choose from the traditional sounds of an alarm clock — for those who need a lot of help getting out of bed — or songs from your playlist so you can wake up to your favorite musicians. If you get the app for your children, they will be able to start learning the responsibilities of waking up when they need to.

You can also set the app to help you fall asleep. Just set the timer and you can listen to your playlist while you drift off. It also turns your devices into an easy-to-read bedside clock.

Monitoring Cameras for the House

As your children age, you will most likely not be able to keep an eye on them as much as you would like to. Setting up a few cameras around the house can help you watch your children while you’re away while at the same time allowing them to grow independent.

The cameras hook directly up to your mobile devices, so you can keep an eye on your children from the backyard, on your work commute, or even while you are traveling for business. They are easy to hook up and they will help give you peace of mind while you’re away from home.

Bluetooth Trackers

If you have kids who are constantly losing things (or if you’re the same way!), you can purchase Bluetooth trackers that will help you find anything from your mobile device.

Just attach a tracker to any object — a bike, your child’s favorite toy, your car keys — and the tracker will sync with an app that lets you see where the object is, whether it’s in the backyard or several streets away. This can help you return stolen toys or prevent you child from having to lose their favorite things.

With the prevalence of technology today, why not use some if to make your job as parents easier?

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