Sinking into Dreamland: 5 Tricks to Make Your Baby Sleep Peacefully


Many new parents struggle with getting their baby to sleep and then to stay asleep. It is nothing new, moms and dads have been in the epic sleep battle since the beginning of time.

What is new are the gadgets, beds, and various helpful hints that assist parents in putting their little one to sleep and keeping them there through the night.

One of the debates parents face is where to put their baby in the beginning. Many want the infant in the same room as them and purchase a bassinet or other type of portable crib. There are pros and cons of Graco Pack N Play sheets as they do not come with a padded cover.

Below are 5 tricks to help your baby sleep peacefully through the night.

  1. Stick to a Routine

Babies as young as four to five weeks old can start a routine at bedtime and learn to sleep through the night. However, it is never too late to start a routine and stick to it.

Start with lowering the lights and talking in a slow, soothing voice. This is also where you can introduce a story time and/or a short period of rocking.

  1. Take Naps Seriously

Many parents get busy and don’t put their baby down for a nap with any regularity. This is not good. Naps are a serious need for a growing baby. Too little sleep can affect the way a baby grows, both physically and emotionally.

Of course, there are some babies, like adults, that don’t need as much sleep as the next child, but it is important to try to get them to sleep more when they are small infants. 

  1. Don’t Feed to Sleep

Once an infant starts going more than four hours without wanting to be fed, they are ready to sleep longer times at night. Find other ways to help baby relax such as a soothing bath or story time.

  1. Let Baby Work it Out Themselves

Although it is difficult not to rush into the room and help your infant fall back asleep, it is better if you let him or her work things out on their own.

If you hear your baby fussing, wait at least a minute or two before rushing in. They may just be partially awake and not really bothered by anything.

If after a few minutes, they are up to screaming and can’t seem to calm themselves down, go in and pat them on the back, which is the least intrusive help you can offer. Don’t rush to hold and comfort them as they need to learn to self soothe.

  1. Have Patience

Have patience with your baby and yourself. It is rare that a baby figures out their sleep and sleeps through the night from the beginning.

Make sure you have helped if you need it. Don’t be afraid to ask grandparents, friends, and relatives to help in the beginning. If you can’t function, you can’t care for your baby properly. Sleep is important for moms and dads as well.





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