10 Kid-Friendly Things to Do in Santorini


Santorini is one of the most beautiful destinations in Greece. Located in the Cyclades to the south of Mainland Greece, you can expect a wonderland for any who visits. Imagine a series of white-washed buildings rising high into the cliffs of this volcanic island against the deep blue sky. And then combine this with an abundance of fresh seafood, and you’re sure to have an exceptional luxury Greece vacation. But what about if you’re traveling with the family? The little ones may not appreciate the views and sights of Santorini. Here are ten kid-friendly activities on this island.

1 Santorini Water Park in Perissa:

Inside Perissa’s Meltemi Hotel is a water park with a total of three pools and slides and a special area for young children to play. Families staying in the area of the hotel can bring their little ones for a few hours of fun in a supervised environment. Lifeguards monitor at all times, and the water park is typically suitable for children up to the age of teenagers.

2 Take a Boat Tour of the Volcano:

Santorini is a volcanic island, which tourists can experience up close and personal by taking a boat tour. The boat takes visitors around the volcanic craters before going to the hot springs and along Caldera to get beautiful views of the cliffs. Families with older children who aren’t prone to falling seasick will appreciate the experience and have a fun day.

3 Spend the Day at the Beach:

You may not get the white-sand beaches or a Mediterranean paradise like Greece’s other coastlines, but you’re sure to get a different experience. Santorini has two beaches, Perissa and Kamari, which both have black volcanic sand. The Red Beach, on the other hand, is covered with red rocks from iron-rich minerals. Both are unique places to spend a few hours.

4 Walk from Oia to Fira:

If you’re reasonably fit and want to hike and get some fantastic views, head to Oia and follow the path to Fira. Oia is a village about 10 miles from Fira and takes you along Caldera. Hiking is challenging, and you should expect it to take a few hours, but the views are stunning. Just remember to bring plenty of water and to be sure that you’re able to cover the distance. Hiking this trail isn’t recommended for families with young children or during the heat of summer.  

5 Visit the ruins of Thera and Akrotiri

An ancient Minoan settlement lived on Santorini almost 3000 years ago making them one of the oldest settlements in Europe. This all changed after a volcanic eruption forced the early inhabitants to either flee or perish. Ancient Thera, on the other hand, thrived after the earlier devastating eruption until the 5th century. Ruins remain.

6. Visit Some Greece’s Other Islands:

Santorini is part of the Greek Cyclades, which are a vast archipelago of several hundred islands. If you’re visiting Santorini as part of a larger tour of the country, why not try to visit some of the nearby places too? Regular ferry services connect to neighboring islands and passengers will get some of the best views of the sea.

7. Arrange a Day Trip on a Boat:

A number of tour companies offer day trips taking passengers around Santorini on a catamaran. A tour typically lasts six or seven hours and involves sailing to the island’s major attractions and to some of the very best spots to take a photograph. Highlights including visiting both the White Beach and Red Beach and swimming in volcanic hot springs. You also have the option to go snorkelling. If you want to take the tour, search online and make sure the schedule operates when you’re here. There may also be early bird discounts that savvy tourists can take advantage of.

8. Go on the Santorini Cable Car:

The cable car extends from the port to Thera, a small town full of beautiful buildings and history. As you rise, the kids are sure to be impressed by the panoramic views of Santorini below. There are other ways to get to the town and hiking up is popular. But taking a trip on the cable car at least once is a great experience for everyone.

9. Spend the Day at Amoudi Bay:

Amoudi Bay is a large area where people come to swim in the warm turquoise waters. Several places to dive into the water are around the bay making it popular with teenagers. You can soak up the views on one of Santorini’s most beautiful spots while the kids swim. And afterwards, head along to the nearby bars and restaurants for a refreshing drink and meal.

10. Stay in a Resort with a Swimming Pool or by the Beach:

There are lots of hotels and resorts in Santorini, but not all of them are suitable for families with young children. It’s a good idea to stay at the resorts with a swimming pool or one within walking distance of the beach. Everyone loves the swimming pool and going to the beach giving you more options and flexibility to make everyone happy.

Santorini is a Great Family Destination:

On the surface, Santorini doesn’t seem like the best place in the world to bring your family, especially young children. But if you search around and vary your activities from spending a day at the beach to taking a boat ride or using the cable car, everyone is sure to have a good time.

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