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Water Testing for Children

Trying to find interactive projects that are educational as well as fun can sometimes be a challenge. Water testing is the perfect blend of science and hands-on activity that can engage children in a fun and interactive way.  Understanding the quality of our water is the first step in educating kids to be stewards of their environment.

The Importance of Water Quality

Even children know that we need fresh, clean water every day in order to live.  What they may not know is the number of contaminants that our water could be exposed to making it unsafe to drink.  When students begin testing various water sources, they learn about different contaminants, where they come from, and how they affect our health.

Water testing projects teach students that water quality cannot be determined by looking at or smelling water.  Many of the contaminants that can be found in municipal, private, and bottled water sources are both colorless and odorless.  An at-home water testing kit is a simple and easy way for kids to analyze the water they drink.

Water Testing Kits

Kids of all ages can easily perform water quality tests at home or in the classroom.  Most water testing kits are easy to use and encourage students to learn about water quality while testing different samples against each other. The School & Science Fair Kit made by Test Assured includes four separate testing sets that can be used in school or at home without having to measure and mix messy solutions or mail away samples.  Tests are simple enough to be performed and understood by elementary school students.  Results are data-based and detailed enough to be used in school projects for high school students.

Performing the Tests

The School & Science Fair Kit includes multiple tests that allow students to analyze and compare the differences among a variety of liquids.  Examples include different water sources such as bottled, well, rain, puddle, and lake water. Tests can even be performed on beverages such as sodas and juices.

The tests are simple and do not require any special supplies or solutions.  Simply gather the samples in the containers provided and follow the detailed instructions.  Most tests are quickly performed by dipping the appropriate test strip into the sample.  Once the strip has developed, it can be compared to the corresponding color chart for results.

Quick Results

Young scientists will get quick results delivered within minutes for most tests.  The kit includes a results notebook to record the readings from the test strips.  After the tests have been repeated for each sample, children can review and compare the various contamination levels.  Older children can use the data to create displays, charts, and graphs, making water testing an excellent choice for school science projects.

Water Testing is Educational and Fun

Testing water samples is a practical yet entertaining project for children that is also highly educational.  It teaches them how to collect data and record results for comparison.  It also teaches them about the need to have quality water and to be environmentally responsible.  Children are never too young to learn about the importance of clean, safe, drinking water.

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