Spider Veins During Pregnancy: Causes and Treatment


Being pregnant is already a major thing for a mother. The baby’s weight in your belly is massive. With all of this going on, if you have some pain or uneasiness around your legs and you see some weird veins coming overnight, it could be even more annoying and scary for you! 

But don’t worry about this discomfort; it’s just spider veins that pop out because they’re carrying more blood than they usually do, because of the baby. Also, these veins are common during pregnancy, but it’s still better to consult a doctor about them. As their name suggests, they look like a spider’s web, and are purple in color. 

Causes of spider veins

Veins help in the circulation of blood to the heart with a one-way path. They consist of faucets or valves that carry your blood to the lungs and heart, but sometimes these valves don’t jam at the right time, which causes these veins in general.

At the time of pregnancy, the mother develops and carries double the amount of blood – for the baby and for herself. This busts these veins out. Although they are mildly painful, they can be quite  uncomfortable for the mother. But one good thing is that there is no harm to the baby in any way with these spider veins.

They are different from varicose veins as the latter hurt and bulge out on the body’s surface, whereas spider veins are tiny and look plain on the skin’s surface. These veins usually vanish or go back to normal after the baby’s birth in two to three months. However, if you feel uncomfortable due to the presence of these veins, refer to these methods offered by a professional aesthetician like VeinCenter.

Remedies for Spider Veins

Compressed Stockings

Wearing tight-fitted hosiery can reduce these spider veins as it helps with adequate blood flow to your legs and eventually lightens the purple color of the veins. Remember to wear them during the day only and not at bedtime because that’s the time to relax your body from those tight stockings.

You can also customize these stockings according to your leg size or level of pain. Some companies personalize these stockings as per your tolerance of compression. 

Enough of vitamins

Pregnant women should eat a lot of vitamin C or nutrient-rich food. It will help the body to develop substances like collagen and elastin. They will even help your body reduce the veins, or at least help you feel less uncomfortable. They help your system to mend those veins and keep up normal functioning. 

Don’t stay in one position for long

While pregnant, women tend to stay in one position because of the exhaustion and belly weight. Still, you shouldn’t do so, because it causes your blood to flow in one direction only, which could cause spider veins. 

So, try and switch positions regularly, such as standing for a while then sitting or vice-versa. It would help if you also tried not to cross your legs too often when you have these spider veins. This position can also stop or jam your blood flow. Try to raise your legs to clear your vein’s path for the blood.

Exercises are important

Since you are in a situation where you mostly feel worn out and unable to move correctly, you must exercise or workout within some limits. It leads to good blood circulation, which is the essential thing for both the mother and the baby. 

You could try getting advice from some professional instructors, or you could go for regular walks. Be careful while exercising, and if you can’t do some exercise or if it’s taking a lot of push from your side, change the exercise or take some rest and then try it out. 

Healthy food is always a solution

A nutrient-rich diet is always a win for your body. If your body isn’t getting what it needs for proper blood circulation, adding good green, leafy vegetables and fruits to your diet can help you prevent these or at least fade these veins. 

Give your body everything it needs to keep that flow regular and consistent during the whole term of your pregnancy. It is because your food and fluids affect your body’s movement. Constipation can also be the reason for your spider veins because they affect your digestion. It is a normal problem during pregnancy.  

Prefer baggy clothes over tight

Wearing tight clothing with spider veins is a bad option because they push those veins much more than any usually compressed stockings do. These clothes will help your blood to flow more easily. 

Extra or after-pregnancy treatments 

You can use these novel treatments after pregnancy if all these above methods don’t work out that much on your body.

  • Sclerotherapy is done by doctors where they inject an irritating fluid for the spider veins, making them either vanish or lighten. 
  • Laser treatment is also done by professional doctors, and this technique helps eliminate the tiniest spider veins from your body. 
  • The third is you can cover them using some foundations or concealers if you have to go somewhere urgently and they look bad. This is a temporary solution for your spider veins as it will just hide them.


You should always consult a doctor before even trying all these since it’s their job to examine and suggest an exact prescribed method. You can also prevent these veins by using some of the methods given above, but first talk with your doctor to not end up in a bad situation.

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