Smart Parenting Tips: Encouraging Blended Learning


Nowadays, schools are imparting a blended learning to the millennial kids quite different from the learning experience the parents underwent themselves. Hence, parents don’t really understand how to react. A child can easily be misusing a new technology without the knowledge of the parents. With so many distractions around, how will a parent judge if a technology is useful for the child? If you are one of those parents who is confused about using technology for teaching purpose, you need to read further.

Keep a Check on the Tech Tools or Gadgets:

Many schools have started using technology in the classroom for learning purposes, but the same gadget can be misused by the kids, so you need to be careful and not fooled by the kid. Kids are really smart nowadays and much advanced than the parents when it comes to understanding new technologies. Remember that every new gadget cannot be an ed-Tech tool.

Education is Not Just about Online Learning:

It is true that online learning has taken over a major part of the learning cycle. Instead of going to a library and referring to a book for doubt clarification, we just type our queries on google and get millions of answers for the same question, how cool is that! The downside of this is that students nowadays do not want to bother themselves with reading books when summaries are easily available on the internet. A right education practice is to blend both online and offline education in the right proportion for the benefit and growth of the student.

Encourage Kids Towards Old School Learning:

Ed-Tech tools are really great tools of learning especially the interactive apps, but it is important for a kid to also adopt the old school way of learning. Going to a classroom, taking notes, interacting with same age kids and doing homework and assignments are very important for the development of the minds of the kids.

Monitor the Kid:

Technology really helps in uplifting the field of education only if it is used efficiently and not misused. With growing kids, this is always an issue as there are lots of influential content on the internet which is inappropriate for them. Monitoring the kid for what they browse, keeping time check on gadgets and child locking the device is very important to protect your kid from swaying in the wrong path.

Encourage Play When They Get Stressed

It’s very easy for us to keep our distance but we have to remember there will be times when they hit the wall and can very easily find themselves overwhelmed by the simplest of tasks. We’ve all been there; when we have worked so hard that even learning the simplest of things seems impossible because our brain is fried. Sometimes your child needs a little boost so they can reinvigorate themselves. Encouraging them to have fun and play with learning materials is as important, whether this is using a word unscrambler to help them discover the fun of wordplay or taking them away from their learning environment because this can help them to come back to the material fresh.

Keep a Check on the Self-Paced Learning Schedule:

Self-paced online learning is very helpful, especially for slow kids as you can pause and replay a subject for better understanding but the flexibility in learning can also be misused by a kid if not monitored closely. Keep a check on the kid’s learning goals and meet his/her teacher quarterly to learn the progress of the kid.

The teaching techniques may keep changing but the purpose of education will always remain the same. Parents need to pace themselves with the new technologies along with their kids to guide them through the blended learning experience and enhancing their child’s knowledge.

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