Sleep Innovations Bag of Comfort Memory Foam Topper and Pillow Set



Sleep Innovations Bag of Comfort Memory Foam Topper and Pillow Set

My baby is leaving for college this fall. Like any mother I worry about him getting along so far away from home without me. Although, he’ll tell you he’s a grown man and really doesn’t need “mommy” taking care of him anymore. But as a mother, we know that isn’t so. As a adult, we know that isn’t so. We know we need our mothers a lifetime. We just don’t realize it when we’re still so young.

I’ve tried to cover all the things I think will be necessities while my son is a thousand miles away living in a dorm. Being so far away I wont be able to just drive over and help out when needed, if needed. I realize between a part job, studies and hanging out with his friends, one of the most important things he will need is a good nights sleep. Thinking back to my college days, I can remember how uncomfortable those dorm beds were. And I can remember how little I slept due to the hardness of the bed.


Since the dorms are supplied with beds and you can’t bring your own, we decided to add a comfort memory foam topper, as well as a memory foam pillow from Sleep Innovations. We wanted to make sure that it was as comfortable before he takes off this fall, so he decided to start using it now while he’s still at home. And,  HE LOVES IT! In fact, he recently told me he hadn’t slept this well EVER.

  • Sleep Innovations bag of comfort set; includes 1-inch twin size memory foam topper and gel memory foam cluster pillow packed in a reusable laundry bag
  • The memory foam mattress topper makes any mattress more comfortable and supportive; the gel memory foam classic pillow features our exclusive gel memory foam micro cushions that provide customized breathable comfort
  • Perfect for all sleeping positions
  • The gel memory foam classic pillow includes a premium zip-off cover that is easy to remove and can be machine washed for easy care; fits all standard pillowcases
  • Topper measures 75-inch long by 39-inch wide by 1-inch high; Pillow measures 24-inch long by 18-inch wide by 1-inch high

I feel confident knowing he will be so far away and getting a good nights rest on the nights he “decides” to sleep. The Sleep Innovations Bag of Comfort Memory Foam Topper and Pillow Set is available at Amazon and is perfect for any student, or adult for that matter.

Sleep Innovations carries a complete line of GEL-memory foam pillows, including GEL-memory form body pillows. In addition to Gel-memory form pillows and mattress toppers Sleep Innovations specializes in GEL-memory foam mattresses too. For all you sleep needs, you can count on Sleep Innovations to comfort you and your family at home, or far away.

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