Eliminate Insomnia with Calming Weighted Blankets


Many people suffer from the woes of insomnia. No matter how much they try, they cannot sleep well. Most people who have insomnia opt for sleeping pills to get their good night sleep. However, sleeping pills have side effects, and it is not safe to have them for an extended period of time.  

Embrace a non-drug therapy for insomnia

With the aid of weighted blankets, you can embrace a non-drug therapy for insomnia without the side effects of sleeping pills. These blankets are available in the market, and they are a natural way to calm your senses and give you the good night sleep you need.

How do these weighted blankets work for insomnia?

These weighted blankets have non-toxic materials that give you sufficient pressure to make you sleep. There is no restriction, and you can easily move about with your blanket on. The blanket gives pressure on your body, and you create serotonin and endorphins to make you sleep naturally. These chemicals in the body provide you with a good night’s sleep. Scientists also say that humans like mammals sleep well when they are swaddled, and calming blankets weighted blankets provide you with the same effects.

Reduce anxiety and function better

If you are worried or stressed with a problem in life, it is crucial for you to sleep so that you can resolve the issue on hand with focus. In case, this anxiety or problem is the reason for your insomnia; it is high time you switch to a weighted blanket. This blanket helps you to sleep soundly, and you no longer feel irritated when you get up in the morning. The blanket gives you a calming effect safely and naturally. You no longer have to resort to sleeping pills to get the restful night of sleep you seek.

How should you use the weighted blanket?

The weighted blanket should be at least 10% to 20% of your body weight. This blanket will create the right pressure for you to sleep. There are blankets available in the market for both adults and children. You have the option of wrapping the blanket around your torso, lap or knee. These blankets help kids that have autism as well so you can discuss their benefits with your doctor before using them. These blankets last for about five years or so before you need to change them again.

Order custom sized blankets for your insomnia

You can also get custom made blankets online that are shipped and delivered to your destination. You may contact credible websites that give you customised blankets for your battling insomnia. With the aid of them, you no longer have to suffer from the stress hormone cortisol that invites many illnesses and diseases.

Get your weight from a good and credible brand. There are blankets available for twin size and queen -sized beds as well. Contact websites so that you get good quality blankets that keep the stress hormones away and help you eliminate insomnia without hassles at all!

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