Simple Ways of Entertaining at Home


Many people love nothing more than to have friends and family around in order to enjoy great food, a few drinks, and great company. Whether you are entertaining indoors or in the garden, this is a great way to get together with your loved ones which is why so many people decide to entertain at home. However, one thing that many people are mindful of is the mess that can be created in this type of situation.

Having a party can be great fun. You can serve up delicious food to your guests, create sumptuous cocktails, and put on exciting entertainment. However, if you have a lot of people around – and particularly if this includes children – there is a high risk of mess or even damage to furniture such as tables where the food and drink are served up. It is, therefore, a good idea to think of solutions that will help to minimize mess without affecting your enjoyment of entertaining in your own home.

Tips to minimize mess

There are a number of ways in which you can entertain in your own home yet minimize on the risk of a mess, accidental damage, and hassle. This will enable you to relax and enjoy entertaining rather than constantly being on tenterhooks. This includes:

  • Entertain in the garden: If you are entertaining during the warmer weather it is well worth setting everything up in the garden. This will enable you and your guests to enjoy more space, take in the fresh air as you enjoy one another’s company, and enjoy the fun of dining alfresco. It also means that there is far less risk of accidental damage occurring inside the home as well as enabling you to avoid creating loads of mess inside your house.
  • Make cleaning easy: When you’re serving up food and drink at the table spillages and mess is almost inevitable. This can result in damaged tables or tablecloths that get ruined or have to be removed and washed. However, if you opt for wipe clean tablecloths you can both protect your table from spillages and stains as well as enjoy being able to get rid of a mess by just wiping the cloth. You can also consider using padded table protectors underneath to protect from heat damage.
  • Choose the right food: Choosing the right food and menu when you entertain can help to cut down on mess both in terms of cooking and when it is being served or eaten. Opting for simple finger food and doing a buffet can help to cut down on hassle, time, and mess, making entertaining easier on you.

With a little forward thinking, you can ensure that you are able to entertain at home without being left with huge amounts of a mess to clean up after the event. This means that you also get to enjoy the event without being stressed out about all the cleaning you will have to deal with once it is over.

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