Shape Mags – Education has never been this fun


Make learning fun and playtime more enjoyable with Shape Mags , a magnetic building toy where children (and children at heart) can snap together magnetic pieces to make different shapes, structures, and even characters. 

Shape Mags Junior Set

Shape Mags come in many shapes and sizes to allow your child to build and explore where their imagination can take them. These magnetic  toys help kids easily grasp difficult abstract concepts on structures, 2D and 3D ideas, and spatial reasoning-all during playtime.

Your toddler can start with easy geometrical shapes, playing with simple square, triangles, and polygons. Then gradually move up to creating complex castles, houses or parks. You could be looking at future engineers, architects or designers. Shape Mags also encourage developing problem solving skills, logic, critical and abstract thinking to young minds. Magnetic toys allows children them to explore more than what the eye can see heavily improving hand-eye coordination while teaching principles of balance. Learning all these valuable skills are also helpful for future scientists, astronauts, mathematicians, doctors, and other STEM subjects. And as children have minds that are like sponges, they can easily absorb and apply what they learn at school, giving them a leg up and helping them easily understand lessons and perform better in class. There are many educational benefits to these magnetic toys and the endless array of things to build with these keeps them engaging and promotes continuous learning minus the boredom.The best part is that it these can all be achieved while having fun. 

Shape Mags Classic Set 100pcs

With added rivets and stabilizers, Shape Mags build stronger structures with sturdier foundations that can support different kinds of creations. The additional stabilizers also provide extra sections that can help attach and build intricate shapes and advanced buildings. Shape Mags also carry a myriad of shapes, allowing more complex structures including cars and people. These magnetic toys come with a lifetime warranty so you and your kids are confident these toys will last. Your kids can even get to share it with their younger siblings, cousins or friends.


It comes in many colors, featuring a variety packs with assorted colors and a pink set for a more feminine touch. With all the options available, you are sure to find something your child will love. Shape Mags is also reasonably priced compared to other magnetic toys available in the market. This way you can build your pre-schooler’s toy collection without breaking the bank. 


Explore the many shapes, structures, castles and characters your child can create with Shape Mags. All of these fabulous products and more can be purchased on Amazon. Stick ‘em, stack ‘em, the possibilities are endless! And after the kids are done playing, we have found that Shape Mags can be therapeutic and is a good stress-reliever for adults. Just make sure put them back once you are done 😉


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