Setting Up Your Child’s Bedroom: Affordable and Durable Decor for Busy Parents


A child’s room does not need to look like a high-power executive’s New York City highrise apartment, yet your kid deserves to have some style too.  However, the executive is likely to clean their own apartment or pay another person to do it.  Since your child is yet to make an executive’s salary and you’ll be doing most of the cleaning, you’ll want the decor to be affordable and durable.  Here are a few items that are stylish yet won’t break the bank.

Custom designs to suit the personality and likes of your sons or daughters. Nursery and bedroom wall stickers are an affordable way to transform a space into an area for love, growth and learning. Gifted companies like Wallboss create beautiful custom designed decals that include animals, names and murals.

Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bag chairs have a legacy of coolness.  College students, poets, hippies, and a colorful band of people have used the comfy seats as part of their decor over the decades.  Since your child is too young to know what “cool” is, ensure the bean bag chairs are cool by their standards, which likely means they are colorful and have a unique shape.

The affordability of bean bag chairs is another reason to consider them as part of your child’s decor.  Kids play hard and can sometimes be rough on beds, chairs, and toys.  Since they are not outrageously expensive, it won’t matter if your child stains, rips, or ruins the bean bag.  Of course, you want your child to be comfortable, and aside from being cool, comfort is another adjective associated to bean bags.  There’s a reason that it is a go-to choice for people of all ages; regardless of the number of your years, bean bags will always feel comfortable.

Moreover, bean bag chairs are long-lasting and durable.  You may even have one in your home that you’ve had for decades.  A great element of bean bags chairs is that you can rejuvenate them by adding more filling after the passing of years and a lot of use.  Your child may grow out of their clothes, preference for toys, and their carseat, but they will always have a soft spot for their bean bag chair.  Lastly, bean bag chairs are easy to clean.  The outer covers can be wiped clean or throw into a washing machine.  Head to ComfySacks Bean Bags to see a wide selection and to get more ideas.

Adjustable Desk

Kids start with doodling and then graduate to coloring.  And one day, they’ll start having to do their homework.  While each child grows at their own pace, you won’t have to worry about them outgrowing their desk.  Look for a desk with adjustable legs and pair it with a chair that can easily rise as your child grows.

Printed Web Pictures

It’s a child’s prerogative to change their mind regarding their favorite cartoon character, superhero, and colors.  As a child ages, they will go through different stages and prefer a variety of things.  A number of parents go all-in when choosing a theme for their child’s room, yet a child can quickly change their mind.  Have them search Google Images with you and find their favorite cartoons, pastimes, and colors.  Save the images to a drive and take it to a local print shop.  You can get poster-sized prints for affordable prices.  Plus, if your child accidentally ruins a picture or changes their mind, it won’t cost a lot of time and energy to create new ones.

Throw Pillows

Little kids like pillows for building forts, having pillow fights, and actually sleeping on, yet store-bought pillows can be expensive.  Rather than heading to the store for throw pillows, you can buy fabric and stuffing and then get to sewing.  You can make it a weekend project and teach your little one how to sew, or they can at least help stuff.  If a pillow gets stained or ruined it won’t be as big of a deal since you didn’t pay a whole lot.

Multipurpose Shelving

Kids accumulate stuff, whether toys, books, stuffed animals, etc.  Rather than purchase furniture for particular types of items, such as a bookshelf, look for a multi-purpose unit that can hold toys, clothes, books, etc.  Depending on the chosen solution, it can also serve as a headboard to save even more space and money.

Natural Elements

Don’t dismiss elements of nature when it comes to dressing your kid’s room. It’s a cheaper way to decorate and kids will think it’s fun and unique to have natural items in the room.  For example, a wide tree stump can be used as a chair or as a tabletop; a long and sturdy branch can be used to hang clothes; and, wildflowers, seashells, and small plants can give the room ambiance and style.

Mary Austin recently finished her interior design degree. Her posts mainly appear on lifestyle blogs where she enjoys sharing her insights and project ideas.

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