Common Causes of Standing Water and Water Damage


Standing water which can be a home for mold and mildew growth is a serious cause of concern. Not only it damages the property, but also is actually a sign of bigger issues. It can come from any clean or contaminated water sources and thus causes water damage problems in your home.

Thus water damage restoration is essential for every homeowner to get rid of these stagnant water issues. However, people assume that they don’t require water damage restoration until things get worse; which is a big mistake.

Standing water is a cause of water damage that deteriorates your home without you even realizing. So, you must know the common causes of standing water that causes water damage. Knowing this, you can thus mitigate the water damage issues in your home.

  1. Heavy rain

If there is continuous rain in your area for a day or so, don’t be surprised if you see standing water in your home or yard. If you do not have a proper drainage system in your home, the heavy rain can overload your property and will cause excessive standing water puddles.

This standing water is a serious cause of mold and mildew growth, which causes serious health hazards. So, next time when the rain comes, take some preventive measures, so that water doesn’t pool in a single space.

  1. Flat Roofs

A flat roof can be the host of new water damage problems in your house. Normally the flat roof has some slope into it to run off water from it.

The problem with the slope is that it can sometimes create problems. One issue is that leaves, branches and other debris accumulates on that slope area and increases the weight on the one side of the roof. So, instead of running out, the roof water collects there and causes standing water.

In another scenario, the roof water freeze in cold weather leads to ice dam formation, which is enough to trap water in a place.

  1. Plumbing problems

It is one of the most troubling causes of stagnant water. It generally arises when you have a leak in one or more pipes in your home.

If the leaky and broken pipes left untreated, it results in water damage issues in your home.

So, if your home is prone to water damage problems due to plumbing leaks, call the professional to immediately repair those leaks.

  1. Poor drainage system

Many times, the standing water problem occurs due to the poor drainage system in your home and yard. If the soil type is not right in your yard, standing water will occur. Likewise, if the drainage system of your home is not proper, then it will cause standing water issues and thus leads to water damage problems.

  1. Leaky windows and foundation walls

Leaks and cracks in windows and foundation walls of your home is another cause of standing water. These issues are easy to detect in unfinished basements.

In finished basements, discoloration, drywall deterioration, stains, carpeting can be the common causes of water damage.

These are the common causes of standing water in your home, which is the main cause of water damage. If you suspect these signs in your home, call the expert for water damage restoration and restore your home in its original condition.

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