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Are you prone to nausea? If so, good news! ReliefBand is introducing a new technology that allows you to wear nausea relief right on your wrist. The technology is simple. It uses unique neuromodulation to stimulate nerve activity in your wrist. These gentle pulses will eliminate your feelings of nausea. Maybe baby is giving you morning sickness. Maybe you feel uneasy in cars, on planes or on boats. Maybe you love amusement park rides but they don’t like your stomach very much. ReliefBand has also been proven to relieve nausea symptoms in patients undergoing chemotherapy. Whatever life throws at you, ReliefBand can help.

You can adjust the therapy intensity levels to suit your needs throughout the day. The uses for ReliefBand are endless.  For me, it’s long car rides. After an hour or so, my body just doesn’t like the constant motion. My ReliefBand has helped so much. It’s much less stressful now to go on family trips without worrying if I”m going to be sick. I can actually enjoy myself and even read in the car when it’s not my turn to drive.

ReliefBand is even safe for kids to use. My 11-year-old daughter also has a history of getting car sick. ReliefBand would have been a lifesaver when we drove to Colorado a few years ago. Let’s just say that it’s a good thing the rental car company professionally cleans all of their cars! But now, I look forward to more trips with the family because nobody will be sick and miserable.

The ReliefBand is available in a sleek, stylish 2.0 style as well as a classic 1.5 style. And with a 17-hour battery and portable charging cable, we’ll be ready for anything! Best of all, there are no side effects! Move over pills. There’s a new relief in town!

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