What to Consider When Moving Your Family Abroad


If moving your family down the road seems like a daunting task, settling abroad might sound impossible. You not only have to make sure that all your belongings are safely transported, but also that your kids will be able to adjust.

Changes in home life can affect children for better or worse, especially when they suddenly might be learning a completely new language and culture. With the proper amount of research, however, it is possible to combat the fear of change that comes with moving to a new country and make your kids feel more comfortable. Consider these questions before the big move.

Where would you like your new house to be?

The first step to moving to a new country is, of course, finding a place to live. Many families place an importance on settling close to their new workplace.

Think about the commute—how long is it to drive? Bike? Take the train? Will you live in the countryside, or in the heart of the city? Studying the most popular mode of transport can greatly affect where you and your family could live.

The best way to find your perfect family home in a new country is to research neighborhoods close to your new office. Use Maps or a city guide to check out pictures of potential communities. Take it a step further and research what the local public and private schools are like there. What supermarkets, gyms, shopping districts and nightlife are nearby?  

Looking for an amazing house for sale in Hua Hin, Thailand? A large flat with enough space for children to play in London, England? No matter where you’re moving and what you’re looking for, there’s a guide on the internet that gives in-depth information about your new home country.

What is the education system like?

Educational systems and the quality of education vary in different countries across the world. How different will your child’s education look from what they are used to now? How many classes will your child be taking? If your child is interested in going to a university, how will it be paid for?

Research the schools available according to your child’s age and have a chat with them about what you can expect. Making sure your child is able to feel secure in school is pertinent to your child’s success, especially following a big move.

The timing of the move is also important. Not all school systems will start at the same time. If the new school year runs from September to May, then December would be a disadvantageous time to relocate.

What is your new country’s national language?

Studying up on the cultural background of the country you’re planning to move to is an important step in the planning process. Not everywhere in the world can accommodate your family’s native tongue, but familiarizing your family with a new language is beneficial in understanding your new home. Your family will learn a new, useful skill together.

How similar is your new country’s language to your own first language? If your family speaks English, then Spanish, Italian, and German are some of the easiest languages to pick up. The younger your children, the easier it will be to speak a new language. You may find that your young child can speak more fluently and faster than you can!

What kind of health insurance is available?

Finding a suitable health care insurance plan in a new country can be difficult. Like the education system, health care can work in many different ways across the globe, and going without it can put you and your family at risk.

Depending on how long you are planning on staying in a new country, you may also need to consider whether or not you can take the plan with you.

Global insurance provide more than a domestic plan. They allow you to keep your health insurance if you decide to move back to your old country. They often include specialist care, in-patient and outpatient medical care, vision, and dental.

Make sure your current plan will carry over, and if not, don’t settle for the first plan you research. Check out all your options for the best rate!

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Indeed, you should know the national language of that country to avoid problems. And also finding the health insurance and education system for children is a bit difficult in a new country. These are the things you should know before moving to another country.

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