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Printed polo shirts have been available for years, but the process of designing and ordering them has never been easier.

Whilst many individuals choose to have a polo shirt printed with their own design, the biggest market for printed polo shirts has proved to be in the business and fund raising communities.

No matter what the cause, the objective or the idea, when a group of people can be seen wearing the same printed polo shirt, the overall result is nearly always more satisfactory. Company logos, fund raising messages or simple statements can all be made more effectively with the aid of printed polo shirts.

In a similar way, individuals like to express their own opinions, ideas and messages.

Whether it be a printed polo shirt with a humorous slogan, a provocative phrase or a more serious message, all can be better expressed to more people if the message appears on a custom printed polo shirt.

There are plenty of suppliers offering to print personalized polo shirts and most use a similar system for creating and ordering the garments.

Generally speaking, the customer will first select the blank shirt that is required, usually from a fairly extensive range which may include different shirt designs and patterns as well as different colors.

The next stage is usually the personalization of the polo shirt which is usually done by means of a template made available on the supplier’s website. The template tool enables customers to upload photographs, personal graphics and of course text.

The uploaded components can then be placed appropriately using the supplied template and design tool.

The actual quality of printed polo shirts can vary from the very cheap to much more sophisticated and luxurious polo shirts but the personalisztion process is common to almost all of them.

Some of the shirts are from quality manufacturers or are well known brands which may carry the manufacturers embroidered logo. The printed polo shirts that are available today are therefore a world away from those on sale some years ago and are of much higher quality.

There is undoubtedly something personally satisfying about being able to design one’s own clothes, as well as being able to do so with a minimum of effort and at an extremely reasonable cost.

Given that some designer polo shirts can cost £100 or more, it must surely be a better idea to design your own and incorporate your own graphics, photographs and text; not least because the final user not only ends up with a reasonable quality shirt but also has the assurance that the design is unique.

Delivery periods for a printed polo shirt varies between suppliers. Similarly, prices are also variable and discounts can often be obtained by ordering more than one garment. For companies and fund raising organisations, bulk orders are also often taken.

Whether ordering a printed polo shirt as an individual or on behalf of an organisation, it is always wise to look at what is offered by different suppliers. Some will have different design options and different quality garments available.

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