How to Ensure Your Bathroom is Safe for Your Kids


Kids! Take your eye off them for a moment, and they are in trouble. The thing is; they tend to grow too big for a playpen very quickly. Before you know it, they are into everything. I shouldn’t give them such a hard time though; it’s our fault at the end of the day. Who can honestly hold their hand up and say that they expected all of the hard work and worry, that being a parent brings? Not many I bet. We need to be ever vigilant and keep our little cherubs under constant surveillance. Even then peace of mind is rarely achieved. I have written at length in the past about dangers children face in the garden and kitchen. Today I would like to investigate the dangers faced by children in the bathroom, and what can be done to minimise them. Now you may think some of the points I raise are obvious. Well yes, some are, but young children are still falling foul of them so maybe they need to be stated at every opportunity.


Let’s take one subject at a time.


If a small toddler falls head first into the toilet, the consequences can be dire. You may think I am joking; well it’s not funny. Children have lost their lives  while investigating the water at the bottom of the pan. Once their head is down, and legs in the air; there is not a lot they can do. Also consider the chemicals that are found in the toilet. They are very toxic.

The answer comes in the form of a toilet lid lock. There are many forms on the market; the self adhesive one probably being the easiest to fit. For just twenty pounds it is a great invention.


A wet, tiled floor is guaranteed to cause harm at some time. It is a simple job to keep the floor dry, if you can remember to do it. Just drop a dirty towel on the floor and wipe with your feet. You don’t even need to bend down except to pick up the towel. Alternatively, there are safety, non-slip vinyl flooring solutions available in all good flooring shops.

Bath and Shower

These are the places where most people slip over. Using a non-slip mat, available for a couple of pounds, in their bathroom shower and bathtub can prevent injury to anyone. Many bones have been broken by slipping while bathing / showering.

Standing Stool

Kids need a boost to get high enough to brush their teeth in the sink. Take a look at what your child is standing on. Is it really safe enough? The stool should have a non-slip top and legs that spread to a wide base. If your child is standing on a plastic tub, you are taking a risk. Many teeth have been knocked out when a child’s jaw comes into contact with the basin as they slip.

Chemicals and Medicines

It’s the same old story that plays out over and over again. A child gets hold of something that will harm them and drinks or swallows it. We all know what we should do with our poisons but still the worst happens. Where are your bathroom cleaning products and medicines right now? Think about it and act before it’s too late.


Phew! That’s my rant over for today. There is no need to have nightmares. It is all down to common sense and vigilance. A young child should be supervised in the bathroom at all times anyway. Keep your eyes open, and you wits keen and all will be well. Think safety my friends.

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