How to Prepare Your Home for Inspection with Children


No matter if you’re renting a home or own one if you plan on moving or selling your home you might have to have the home inspected. As if cleaning the home isn’t tedious enough, making sure it stays that way with your children running around is a mission impossible.

On the other hand, moving is never easy for kids. Therefore, locking away all their toys can have a negative impact on them. You want to make sure they stay comfortable and are able to play as long as you still occupy the home.

How can you make both work?

Instead of keeping your children’s toys locked away and having them in a lock-up, here are some ways you can make sure your home stays clean and your children happy.

Plan Fun Activities for Kids during the Inspection

Reputable experts at The Inspectors Company recommend that the children are not present when the inspection is underway. Have the kids out for a movie, a visit to the zoo or an arcade. If you cannot find anyone to keep an eye on them, think of fun activities outside. They could play in the backyard or play board games. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s an activity that doesn’t turn into a mess.

Clean on the Go

If you don’t want to concern the children with the whole situation, the easiest way to clean up the mess is to clean it as you go. Get a large box or a washing basket and pick up the clutter your children leave behind like books, toys or other items.

When your kids go to bed or when they leave for school in the morning make sure to clean the basket up and organize everything back the way it was. That way your home will always be ready for a surprise inspection.

Organize Their Stuff

The easiest way to keep your children’s toys, books, and other clutter from being all over the home is to organize them. Have the children pick out the items they are no longer using. You can then donate them, sell them or have a couple of big boxes and store them. Do the same for the rest of the items. Organize them in containers according to type so your children will know where they are and where they should put them back.

Clean the Outside

Make sure you don’t neglect the exterior. After all, it’s the first thing a home inspector or potential buyers will see. Make sure to park all the bikes where they belong. If you own a pool, don’t forget to clean it and remove all the pool toys and equipment. The inspectors need ample space to perform the inspection. You can read more about pool inspections here:

Get Everyone Cleaning

Cleaning a home is a family effort, but it doesn’t mean it cannot be fun. Give your kids a chore list and reward them for every task they complete. They can wipe the dust, clean their rooms or vacuum. This will keep their mind off of the move and be fun for them at the same time.

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5 years ago

In fact, it depends on children and their calmness. When we moved out, our kids helped us clean as well. Besides, we had a bunch of services that helped us, because there was a large heap of books and stuff from university where I worked for the past 10 years.