5 Tips to Finding the Right Robot Vacuum for Those with Pets


Taking care of your pets can be both an enjoyable recreation and a challenging job. If you have cats and dogs inside your home, then seeing a lot of pet hair on the floor should not be new to you.pet hair on the floor should not be new to you. It’s something that all pet owners have to accept, ideally before getting a pet. Dog hair specific hoovers can give you an extra chore, but they will also give you a peace of mind. You will be able to keep your home clean, shiny and free of pet hair. Cats and dogs normally shed their fur as part of their hair cycle, which takes place approximately every couple of weeks to a few months. When they get out of control, pet hair can definitely make your couches and carpets look disgusting, and it can cause allergic reactions in some people too.

One way to get rid of pet hairs is to vacuum your floors and carpets at least twice a day. However, doing this task using upright vacuum cleaners could be pretty challenging to people who are busy at work during the day, to the elderly and physically-challenged individuals, and even just to those who have gone tired of cleaning pet hairs manually every day. Fortunately, there are robot vacuum cleaners that can easily get the job done for you. Unlike conventional vacuum cleaners, these innovative devices can be set to clean up pet hairs with convenience and efficiency.

If you are interested to buy your own robot vacuum cleaner, then better check out these five tips first. Find the perfect tool for you and get a complete peace of mind for a cleaner and hair-free home. You may also check out this comprehensive review on the best robot vacuum cleaners in the market at RobotsInMyHome.com.

  1. Check the features.

There are a number of features that set great robot vacuum cleaners apart from mediocre ones. These include adjustable timer and scheduler settings, suction power, automatic electric charging capabilities, and long-lasting batteries. The capacity of the battery should depend on the area of the room that you have. As much as possible, you will need a robot vacuum that is self-reliant so that it can do the job effectively even while you are away.

  1. Get the right size.

Robot vacuum cleaners that can last for more than an hour without recharging are typically larger than the typical size. When choosing the best robot vacuum cleaner, also keep in mind the layout of your room. Check if it can fit under the tables and chairs where pet hair hides and may accumulate.

  1. Choose a pet-friendly vacuum cleaner.

Pet-friendly robot vacuum cleaners are typically those that operate smoothly and produce little to no noise. It shouldn’t scare your pets and it must also be able to detect obstacles even from afar so it can avoid bumping into anything that is on its way.

  1. Get the best value for your money.

Like any other products, buying a cheap robot vacuum cleaner doesn’t always mean that you get the best value for your money. Expect to pay a little more for models that are compact, and those that have multi-stage cleaning system and smart navigation capabilities and smart cameras.

  1. Consider maintenance costs.

Always remember to consider the parts of the robot vacuum cleaner that you may replace at some point in time, including batteries and filters. Also, check if the duration of the warranty for the device or chosen parts meets your standards. Ask your retailer if they offer support and free maintenance costs for the product.

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