Pregnancy Power Foods: 5 Healthiest Foods to Eat When You Are Pregnant


Are you pregnant and struggling with competing for advice? It can seem like everyone is suddenly an expert on what’s best for you and your baby. Everywhere you turn there’s a new opinion on what you should and shouldn’t be eating.

Eating for two doesn’t need to be difficult. It doesn’t mean you need to double-up on your portions, either. Instead, focus on the right pregnancy power foods and you’ll be sure to get everything you, and your baby, need to stay healthy and strong.

Keep reading for the 5 healthiest foods you should eat when pregnant.


As a great source of potassium, bananas are a quick and easy snack to help combat the fatigue that comes with being pregnant. They travel well and can be eaten plain or mixed with yogurt or blended in a smoothie.

Bananas aren’t likely to trigger nausea, either, as they have little scent or taste. Better yet, they can help calm an upset stomach if you’re fighting morning sickness.


There’s a good chance that your doctor has already recommended folate supplements. Folic acid is a necessary building-block for developing brains and nervous systems and need to be incorporated in any pregnancy.

You can also achieve this by eating lentils. Not only do they contain high levels of folate, but lentils also include protein, vitamin B6 and iron. They’re easy on the stomach and can be worked into almost any meal.

They’re also a great option for anyone looking to limit or eliminate meat from their diet. EcoLifeMaster has more information on vegetarian and vegan options.


Healthy fats are an important part of every diet. However, many people aren’t getting all the omega fatty acids they need. This is especially concerning for pregnant women.

Omega-3 fatty acids, which include DHA, are essential to the proper brain development in fetuses. They also contribute to the development of eyes, as well.

Salmon is a great way of getting these fats. Eating it 2-3 times a week will help you get the recommended levels for your baby. This will also help you get more vitamin D, as well, which supports your immune system and bone health.


One of the challenges that come along with pregnancy is the digestive issues that occur. The effect of hormones on the body is difficult enough without even factoring the way it influences your diet.

Upping your intake of oats introduces more fiber into your diet, easing stomach discomfort and constipation. It also increases the amount of iron and B vitamins.

Oats make for a great breakfast. You can also use it to make muffins, cookies, and other satisfying snacks to keep you going throughout the day.


Getting the proper amounts of calcium help keep you and your baby strong. A cup of yogurt equals the amount of calcium offered by a glass of milk. Better yet, it contains folate and protein, both of which support healthy development.

Additionally, the active bacteria cultures in yogurt help keep your stomach settled. This can help stave off nausea while easing digestive difficulties.

Final Thoughts on Pregnancy Power Foods

Expecting a child brings about so much excitement and uncertainty. It requires you to rearrange your life, with all the responsibility and challenge that entails.

Knowing which pregnancy power foods to go to eases the burden of maintaining a proper diet. This frees you from the worry that comes with supporting a developing fetus, freeing you to focus on other matters.

For more articles on maintaining a healthy diet throughout your pregnancy, visit the Food& Drink section of our blog!

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