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Playing slots has been everyone’s favorite gambling activity since forever, especially since the introduction of online gambling wherein people now have easier access to be able to play blackjack and other casino games at places like 666casino. The key to their addictive nature and overall success lies in their simplicity. At first glance, it is just about hitting that spin and the “magic” of the machine figures the math out whether you won or not by placing different symbols on the screen.

Veteran players would know that this is just on the outside and it is quite the wrong approach to playing slots. Movies have us believe that you can just win a life altering jackpot by a freak accident, though reality rarely matches this outrageous notion.

No, in reality, slots are all about execution, careful strategy and ton and ton of exercise. Oh and luck. Let’s not forget about luck. There is, however, one factor that we can approve upon and that is practice. Thanks to the no deposit bonuses as well as free spins that are available to most reputable NetEnt online casinos, you can gain valuable insight and even win some real cash.

Practice Makes Perfect

In the world of online casino games, “free” was largely a buzz word up until a decade ago when serious online organizations have agreed to apply it properly. The tiny amount of cash you can receive in order to play a certain slot is usually constraint to a wagering requirement or strict cash-out rule.

This isn’t something to be taken out of context, however – casinos need to protect their investment and make players interested at the same time. With slots being the primary focus for many online players, it became apparent that players love to try out the newer games. The problem was, playing them for free could only get you so far – getting them to start wagering was another thing entirely.

So, in order to encourage slots lovers to sit down and try out the newest casino slot that is available, sign up bonuses were introduced. Others will follow suit which will help define the way the industry handles bonuses.

Free Spins

One of the simplest and most effective ways to make players want to try out a new slot game is of course, a free spins bonus. Newer iterations of this bonus do not even require a deposit – you just sign up at the casino and use the code to claim the bonus.

This particular free spins bonus comes in several varieties, depending on the number of free spins available: 10, 20, 25, 50 and so on.

The great thing about a free spins bonus is the ease of use. You can just copy the code and get it straight away. Usually, this bonus is tied to a certain game. You can then use it to make your initial play at a slot game, and you can even earn winnings. Of course, in order to cash out, most of the time you will have to meet a wagering requirement but that is a fair trade, especially for the free cash given.

The “No Deposit” Hype

Free spins are but a small chunk of the no deposit bonus extravaganza. The other most popular type of free money bonus for slots is of course, the sign-up cash bonus. All you have to do to claim it is to make an account with the casino. You enter the required information and then the code that the bonus signifies.

Some casinos require for you to contact their customer support in order to get the bonus. Other simply award it upon your registration. This keeps the flow going since you will be able to start playing at your favorite slot. Simply make your wagers thanks to the free cash you have attained. Again, if you win you may have to meet the wagering requirements in order to cash out.


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