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Just this summer my grandsons had an opportunity to play football and basketball – you talk about a grandma being nervous about them both playing. I was afraid they would get hurt but of course my husband and their dad was as happy as can be to see them both playing sports, after all they always get together to watch sports!

It’s so cute to sit back and watch them all engage about sports. I will be in the other room with my daughters and we can hear them jumping up, screaming and shouting like crazy about the games. When my son decided to sign the boys up he saw there was also a need for another coach so of course he took that position. After speaking with the director my son found out that the cost of the uniforms and startup fee for not only one boy was expensive, but whew it was very expensive for both boys.

Jaylen C.

Soon after meeting with the staff, Jalen and Jordan were bringing home little notes about their team needing support for uniforms, updated equipment and more. I couldn’t believe all the paperwork that came in asking for us parents to help sell candy or do a few food bake sales to help get the money they needed to replace the equipment. It seems like a lot of work and to be honest……I never have any luck selling anything.


After speaking with a few friends, my son came across a company called Pear. What an awesome yet useful site and I was so delighted that he found a great site like Pear to help not only his team but all the teams involved in the community, just in time to go back to school!  I know you’re wondering by now what Pear is.


Pear is an online site that will allow you to set up an account for your child’s team to raise money by using social networking. It’s very easy to navigate and the application is easy for parties to use. With so many sponsors out there your son or daughter’s team is sure to get the donations they need. Just set up a Pear account and allow the team to interact with the brand online, liking their social media pages, watching a video or completing a survey. The team harnesses the power of their community to earn dollars….awesome right! Just think, the more people who complete the simple online tasks, the more dollars the group earns.


Pear makes it easy to utilize the power of your social network. No door to door, no bake sales, no handling of money by kids….it’s just a new, simple way to support your kid’s team without all the hassle.

Pear makes sponsorship easy for groups and events of all shapes and sizes. Find a sponsor in less than 60 seconds and activate your community to raise up to $1,000 or more toward custom apparel, donations, gift cards and more from a national brand or local business near you. 


So the next time your son/daughter, coach or community director send home paperwork asking you to support the team by baking or selling candy, tell them you’ve found an easier solution called Pear that works great!



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