Parenting Tips For Toddlers: Encourage Good Behavior


Undeniably, a parent raising a child with the utmost care and affection is one of the most challenging jobs. Parenting styles may be different depending upon an individual perspective but the bottom line always remains the same.

Whatever the approach is, a child’s proper growth and development is the top priority. When your child is a toddler, it is one of the most important growth phases in his or her life. Hence following the correct parenting style from a young age would lay the perfect foundation for the growing up years.

As a parent, it is important that you imbibe empathy, kindness, self-control, and honesty in your parenting style. Consider practicing the following parenting tips to inculcate responsibility, discipline, and good behavior. 

Parenting Tips For Toddlers: How To Raising Properly?

Growing up years play an important part in any child’s life as they are instrumental in shaping up a child’s personality. When your child is just a toddler parenting can be both fun and a frustrating experience.

During this period the child is too small to be schooled for any wrong behavior or habit. This can ultimately lead to repercussions like tantrums and misbehavior. As a parent, you need immense compassion and love to mold his life in the right direction. Following certain good parenting tips for toddlers could make your life simpler and help you manage your kids easier

The first and the foremost thing one must remember as a parent is to never be too loving and caring towards the child. Showing too much love, concern, and leniency could be detrimental in shaping up his character and expectations in the future.

It is not only about the emotions but also sometimes we tend to give away material possessions with ease to the child in the name of pampering. It is very important to teach the child not only the value of materialistic things but also emotions.

Next, how much of your attention the child is getting also plays an important role. You do not have to overdo anything and just providing the right amount of attention could do the trick. Ensure that they do not have to get to get your attention. Ignoring this could lead to negative behavior and tantrums in them. 

Another very important aspect of parenting is your own behavior and how you treat others.  Children are always observing how as parents you behave and try to imbibe your qualities. Since parents are considered to be the first teachers of a child, hence what you do and how you behave makes all the difference. Make sure that as parents you are a role model for the child. Just being the perfect role model to the child does not suffice the need.

It is equally important that you are involved in your toddler’s life. Always remember that parenting is hard work and requires a lot of time, patience and compassion. Sometimes you have to prioritize your child’s needs by sacrificing your time.

It is important to be both physically as well as mentally present for the child in the need of the hour. Being involved does not only mean that you are attending to things like the child’s homework. Knowing what is happening in his or her life plays an equally important role. 

Setting up rules also makes for an important part of good parenting. Rules are essential in not only shaping up their future but also making them accountable. But remember that you do not just overload your child with all sorts of rules and regulations form the outset.

This can not only frustrate him but also turn him into a rebel and the result would be temper and tantrums that are difficult to handle. Explain them with compassion why following rules is important. This will make him less judgmental about your decisions.

The more you rationalize your decisions with them it is least likely that they would challenge the same. And also how to take a no in their stride positively. This could be one of the important foundations for good behavior in the future. But this does not also mean that it is always a no from your side.

Sometimes it is perfectly ok to let the children do their own thing, else it could result in unnecessary frustration. Moreover, if things do not turn out as though this would make the child accountable for his or her deeds. A perfect way to inculcate a sense of accountability in them. 

Another important parenting tip is to encourage independent thinking and responsibility. Simply letting him choose his own clothes could be a great start. Let him do small odd jobs by himself at home. This could be anything from picking up his or her plate after dinner to set up his school bag. This will make the child feel independent and responsible.

Last but not the least, encouraging communication also forms an important aspect. It is important that your child learns to express his or her feelings. This would ultimately help you be a little more involved with the child in knowing his needs better. You will be both physically and emotionally close to the child. 

However good your parenting style might be, there will come a stage when he or she will break rules and throw tantrums. This makes it important to enforce consequences as it is important to discipline the child. Let him see the consequences of his or her actions by withdrawing privileges. But never retort to punishments that would physically and emotionally damaging. 


Every parent can have a different style of parenting depending upon his or her personality. Whatever is your parenting style and how small your toddler might be, it is important that you treat him nicely and respect his opinion.

Always remember that your relationship with your child will be a foundation for his or her relationships in the future. Another important aspect is that it is equally important for the parent to adapt to the changing needs of the child. Parenting styles when your child is a toddler will be diametrically opposite to his growing up years. A 3-year-old is always intellectually different from a 13-year-old. So, you need to act accordingly.

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