Leaving Gifts for When Your Kids Leave the Nest


It’s come time for your little ones to fly the nest, or more like flee from the constraints of childhood and sprint towards freedom! Or at least, that’s how they would see it. You see it as an inevitable change, yet you never thought it would creep up this fast.

Don’t be sad though, they’ll always be your little ones no matter how big they get. How about a little shopping to cheer you up? Read this guide and find the best leaving gift for them. Oh, and don’t be upset, it’s not like they’re moving to another planet!

Something for when they miss home

As much as they won’t want to admit, they will miss home. Prepare them for the times they just want a cuddle with an adorable ‘great big hug’ pillow to remind them of home and give them some love when they’re feeling homesick!

Leaving gifts for when your kids leave the nest

Toiletries that they’ll actually like

Every parent gifts their kids with a set of the basics – toiletries. Often the most boring gift, next to getting a pair of socks for Christmas. Unless those socks are amazingly fluffy, with adorable bunny ears attached!

Anyway, you get the drift. Toiletries are a necessity, but they’re boring. Spruce it up with this grooming gift set from etsy.com.

Leaving gifts for when your kids leave the nest

Keep them cool in the summer!

As much as we like to think well of our kids we all remember that every summer when the weather heats up they’re always doing dumb stuff to cool down (I remember one year my one of my kids started taping ice packs to our tower fan) and you wouldn’t want them to ruin any of their household items with any of these ‘get cool quick’ schemes!

So the perfect thing to get them if they’re moving somewhere warm is a portable AC, it won’t require the expense & maintenance of a full sized AC unit but will do the job just as well and keep them from melting! If you can’t find one in your price range I’d recommend checking out this buying guide at Gear Hungry on the top portable air conditioners to help you find the right one for them!

Leaving gifts for when your kids leave the nest

Somewhere to put reminders

This one could be taken one of two ways:

  1. It’s used sensibly to list important reminders
  2. It’s used childishly to write profound words

Let’s be totally honest here, both options sound reasonable! What on earth are we talking about? No, not just the usual chalkboard everyone has. A pegboard, that looks as cool as a reminder-board can (which is surprisingly awesome from a millennials point of view) if you can’t find one, sites like firebox can help you track one down!

Leaving gifts for when your kids leave the nest

Wake up!

We all know that waking up is hard, even as adults. Now your kids won’t have you to shout at them in the mornings, they’re going to need a decent alarm clock. There are tons of alternative alarm clocks that do more than a mere beep, to wake them up.

Gear Hungry also has another useful buying guide; this one’s about the 10 best alarm clocks on the market and it has a variety of alternative alarm clocks, including one that you have to stand on to turn off. See, you can still annoy your kids when they’re miles away!

Leaving gifts for when your kids leave the nest

Well, did they like their leaving home gifts?

Let us know their reactions to these gifts! Whether you buy them a cozy cushion or a little reminder board, they’ll still miss you just as much as you’ll miss them (even if they don’t show it) but be sure they’ll be back soon enough to see you with a big back full of washing for you to do!

Therefore, be happy for them and encourage them to live independently, then moan at them for not calling every evening! After all, that’s what parents are for.

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