Sensitive Son and Discipline Dilemma


Does your son feel heartbroken when you scold? Does he ask questions that are deep and mature than his age? Can he read your mind and feel your sadness? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you are blessed with some of the unique traits in your child that will make him a true gentleman when he grows if nurtured properly. A sensitive son is a child whose nervous system is aware of deeper emotions and reactive. Most of the people think that such boys have feminine traits but according to the book, The Strong, sensitive boy by Ted such boys are highly intuitive and aware. If you have a sensitive son then you can get this book by availing vouchers from Bydiscountcodes and understand the psyche of the child. But according to my personal experience, these are the pointers that will help you deal with the sensitive son:


  • Acknowledging that he is different: Accepting and acknowledging the fact that your son is different from other children will not only give you confidence but also the child. Parents can also explain to the child how they are unique from other children and there are many great personalities who were sensitive and yet could change the world. It will not only boost their confidence but will also help them feel positive about themselves.
  • Befriending the child: With sensitive son, one cannot be aggressive and criticism will not work for them, in fact, it will make them all the more remorseful and guilty. So rather than being a parent, it is better to befriend them or team up with them so that they feel connected and can feel secure with you. By partnering with the parents can control their emotional triggers and help them build a strong emotional quotient.
  • Highlighting the strengths: Often traits, like being sensitive or cranky or expressing emotions of regret and guilt, are considered feminine. Boys with such traits are often bullied and are often offended by snide remarks. Parents of the sensitive son should encourage their children and identify these traits as strengths. It will help them feel secure in their nature and will be able to confidently face the world and make meaningful relationships.
  • Being calm yet stern: Disciplining a sensitive child is a dilemma for the parents as their responses are often perplexing. Rather than having a strict attitude or punishing them have a calm attitude and explain them in a gentle yet stern way. Being a disciplinarian doesn’t mean that one has to be strict, parents will have to set their boundaries and will have to be stern about the rules to help them become organized and disciplined.

To conclude, undoubtedly dealing with a sensitive son is a task in itself and takes a lot of patience. But it is essential to respect their nature and make them feel that it is natural and a gift to be sensitive. This will help them become emotionally balanced and live a confident life.


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