Overcome Financial Crisis Smartly: A Mother’s Guide


There are instances where a mother may find herself in a financial crisis owing to the ever-rising cost of living. This is especially stressful in the event that she is a single mother and the kids are still young. Such a mother may not be able to get the much-needed help from anyone, and thus, she needs to work smart to reverse the crisis. The good news is that it is possible to overcome the financial crisis, but it will need a lot of hard work and sacrifice on her part.

This article details a number of ways to avert or even overcome a financial crisis altogether.

Understand your finances

As a single mother, chances are that you are the one that takes care of all the bills. If this is the case, you will have to be clever about your budget. The first thing you need is to understand is your finances. Finances here mean your income and expenditures. You will need to know the amount of your income that goes to bills and other expenses, and what you are able to save.

In most instances, to be well above a financial crisis you will need to be able to save at least a quarter of your income after deducting all expenses. This can then be split into college funds for the kids and for other future goals that you have.

Get another job

In the event that you are not meeting the 25% savings goals, you will need to find ways to increase the amount of money you save. This can only be done in two ways; either by reducing your expenditure or by increasing your income. The first one might be impossible for some of the expenses are usually fixed and not forgetting that the cost of living keeps rising every day. As a matter of fact, chances are your expenses will keep growing from year to year.

As such, your salvation lies in increasing your income. To do this, you might consider getting another job or even starting a small business. Whatever you do, just ensure that it will generate some additional income.

Borrow wisely

The loans might not be very advisable if you are already in a financial crisis as a mother. It might, however, be necessary to take one at some time. When this is the case, ensure that you do it wisely. Get to talk to lenders with the best customer-friendly terms of their loans. Title loans are viable options that you may want to consider as there are minimal requirements involved.


It is not really hard to avert a financial crisis. However, as a mother, you will need to be smart and deliberate with the actions that you take especially since your kids’ future depends on it. Whenever possible, talk to a financial advisor in the areas where you feel like you need guidance. Also, be on the lookout for various creative investment ideas that might generate you an extra dollar. With time, you will see your income, grow and secure you from any financial crisis that might come your way.



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