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Creating a living space outside can be a great way to make any home the summer spot. Outdoor patio furniture can entirely update a space or repurpose your backyard. With everything from simple sling chairs, to fully upholstered sectionals, there is bound to be outdoor furniture sets that suit your taste, size preference, and meet your goals for creating a perfect gathering space. Sets can be affordable, durable, and stylish– it’s just a matter of finding what works for you!

While shopping can be stressful or overwhelming, understanding everything about outdoor furniture’s pieces, materials, and pricing may be worth the time investment before diving into any backyard project.

As outdoor patio sets have become increasingly popular, more and more options are surfacing for pieces that are built to withstand the outdoors. Deciding what kind of outdoor environment that you are looking to create is a great place to start when beginning the search. From a backyard barbecue to luxury lounging, the range of furniture options available are sure to meet your needs.

Great Style

Just like any home decorating project, selecting pieces, colors, and materials that are cohesive can be a great way to design a dream area. First considering the desired style, then choosing a patio color scheme, and finally selecting fitting pieces are some of the basic steps.

When considering your desired look, thinking about your intentions for the space is a great place to start. A space meant for hosting coworkers or friends may be a bit more sleek and sophisticated, while a space that will be full of kids spending summer days by the pool or playing with neighbors might be a bit more casual. Function and style go hand in hand, but one doesn’t need to be compromised for the other.

Making the Most of Outdoor Space

Outdoor furniture is great for so much more than simply decoration; it can truly create a gathering space that will foster so much quality time.

By adding greenery, setting up a barbecue, or creating comfortable shady spots, outdoor patio furniture is a great way to kick off warm cozy nights and long sunny days spent outdoors.

To further enhance outdoor landscaping and design, adding a few special pieces in addition to furniture can take your yard to the next level:

Gas fire pits are one of the best, and most useful, things to incorporate into your outdoor furniture set ups. Gas fire pits make sparking up a fire easy, without smoke or ash to worry about. Fire pits make outside a year round place to spend time, creating a warm place to relax on a chilly fall or winter evening. With grill covers and fire tables on the market, these can also be dining spaces as well. Whether you’re enjoying a cocktail or roasting marshmallows with the neighbors, everyone will feel comfortable and invited. Not only do they add more function to a space, but the styles of different fire pits offered today can truly serve as a statement centerpiece. Dazzling tile or elegant granite, accompanied by sparkling fire glass, can really be the starting point of any design focused project.

Barbecues or grills will make this the best dining room of any home. Having a great grill, that is easy to use, can help avoid making a mess of your kitchen when it comes to cooking burgers or ribs. It will always make the choice to eat outside and enjoy your space so much easier. Hosting events such as graduation parties, birthday celebrations, or family holidays will also feel less crowded if some of the preparation takes place outdoors. Multitasking is also made easier when you are able to keep an eye on your children or guests outside while grilling up dinner at the same time.

Lighting is something great to consider, especially if you plan on enjoying your patio on long summer nights. Adding fairy lights or lanterns around a seating arrangement creates trendy, subtle lighting that requires little work to hang up. This extra twinkle will make the space cozy and warm. Spotlights are also great, in-ground additions. These can illuminate an entire patio or yard, as an easy to install fixtures.

Something for Every Budget

Furnishing any area can sound like a hefty bill to swallow. One of the best aspects of outdoor furniture being so popular is the availability and price range.

Most home improvement stores, such as Home Depot or Lowes, and discount department stores, like Walmart, offer cheap outdoor patio sets. While these are affordable, these might not be long term investments. Shopping options like Walmart’s outdoor furniture sets can make the process easy and affordable, but these may require some assembly and maintenance to reap the best benefits of them.

Spots such as Amazon, Target, and Home Depot’s furniture sets can range in price, and some reliable pieces are to be found in these places. Purchasing prepackaged saves the hassle of having to individually select each side table, cusohion, and frame. While these may not be entirely personalized, they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You won’t always have to break the bank or spend too much time hand selecting everything you need.

On the opposite spectrum, designers can piece together high end patio sets that are fully upholstered with outdoor fabrics, to make your patio look straight out of a home design catalogue. Speciality outdoor design stores will offer everything from glass tables to sectionals upholstered in top quality Sunbrella outdoor fabrics. For home design junkies, going to niche retailers will likely offer you more customizable pieces and an involved experience.

Most people may not think twice about throwing some chairs together to enjoy a cool night outside, but when you consider the potential that patios can bring to a home, you might invest more time in the decor. A space for family, fun, or relaxation can immediately be brought to life with any taste, space, or budget.

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