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There are many varieties of Roses but they all have similar needs from the soil and Mother Nature. If they are tended to and cared for properly, they will thrive for many years without being transplanted.


Roses will grow in a wide variety of applications but they do best in an open, sunny location.


Roses need lots of water. In the absence of rain, ample watering is necessary to insure a healthy plant.


The soil should be slightly acidic, with good drainage. Place rocks and pebbles underneath the bed. This will allow drainage for the plant. Moisture retention is also important. Try a ground covering of cedar chips or mulch to hold in the moisture.


Roses like a rich soil. Decaying matter also raises the acidic level of the soil, and Roses like that too! Obviously too much isn’t good either. Once a year applications are sufficient. But heavy clay and sandy soils need extra fertilizer. Perhaps one half by volume (depending on the soil).


It is best to prune just before new growth begins and as the buds begin to swell. Also be sure that you are past the frost season or the newly pruned tips may become damaged. Pruning should also be done with sharp pruning shears to avoid damage to the plant.

Obviously, this doesn’t cover every scenario, but this will get you on the right track to growing some beautiful flowers around your home.

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