Drains and sewers are where the greater portions of most home waste end up. From lumps of fat to used baby wipes, your drain is sure to never run out of nasty visitors. Quite often, these waste never make it to the sewers; it sticks around your drains and slowly build up until it blocks the path of everything else. This could lead to leakage of liquid waste, usually an embarrassing situation for households and businesses.

It then becomes quite tempting to try cleaning the drains and sewers ourselves. We can easily get drain cleaning rods from local DIY stores. How hard could it be to get those drains unclogged?

Unfortunately, therein lies the recipe for disaster – an all out wastewater epidemic. Sure, we may be able to get those greasy smelly waste out of our way, but problems with drains and sewers can be more complicated than most people understand. For example, no amount of drain cleaning will fix drain blockages arising from damaged pipes. This means the best approach to solving any drain blockage is taking a step back to find out what’s actually the cause of the problem.

A CCTV drain survey London is exactly what any business or household needs to solve such problems. CCTV drain survey usually involves an inspection process in which a small video camera – either attached to a flexible rod or some special wheeled vehicle – is sent down the drain or sewer to give live feeds from inside the pipes.

The drain footage can be viewed either in real time or subsequently and analyzed to ascertain the exact condition of the drain or sewers, what type of cleaning it may require and which areas of the drain or sewers may need repairs.

However, CCTV drain survey may cost you a little more than you can let go without asking questions. So to answer some of those budding questions, we have enumerated some important reasons you definitely need a CCTV drain survey carried out:

Before buying a new property

If you are considering purchasing a new property, you’ll almost certainly need a drainage survey carried out. While your regular technicians can easily do a quick test here and there, majority of your drainage facilities is hidden from view underground or inside your walls. Ascertaining the actual condition of your drainage system then becomes complicated. 

Luckily for everyone, you can do a thorough analysis of drainage system with through CCTV drain survey before purchasing any property. That way you are able to guard against expensive surprises at a later point after purchasing the property.

Fixing Reoccurring Drain blockages

If your home or office drains are blocked too frequently, there may be a more complex problem which needs to be fixed. The brain behind such persistent faults could be completely surprising. Children toy’s have been the cause of lots of drain clogs. Similarly, it could also be something much less expected like tree roots. Tree roots have a special affinity of finding their way through cracks and joints into drain pipes. While inside, the root can keep growing to block the pipes or snag other items on their way to the sewers. Irrespective of what may be responsible for that long drawn battle with leaky drains – a CCTV drain survey is sure to present you the problem in series of images or videos.

Figure out what exactly keeps blocking your drain

It’s not entirely unusual to hear stories of giant lumps of food – even the size of a car – completely cut off access to other sewer. In situations like this, most waste just end up building up at a rally point and exude very nasty odour.

With a CCTV drain survey, you’ll be able to figure out what waste exactly is the culprit of most of your drain blockages. In cases where food lumps are the culprit for instance, you could decide to cut down on just how much pasta and noodles you send down the drain. Of course, it doesn’t take much to clog the drain. A little hair comes off our body now and then during bathing. Throw in some slimy or sticky waste and it all adds up to become a stubborn problem. So, if your drain survey turns up lots of hair debris – you’ll know its definitely time you kept taps on that.


These days, so many things could clog your drain. A clogged drained could be a real nuisance especially if it leads to property damages or foul smell. One of the best steps to fix such problems before it becomes an even greater problem is to get a CCTV drain survey carried out.

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