Newborn Checklist: 3 Must Haves Before the Baby Arrives


When you’re expecting your first child, you probably want to know what you need to do in order to prepare. While there are many supplies that parents need to have on hand, not all of these items are strictly necessary. Some items are nice to have while others are absolutely essential. If you’re trying to figure out what you must have, these are three must-haves you’ll need when your baby arrives.

1. Diapering Supplies

This is considered an essential items since every baby is going to wear diapers. Some parents decide on cloth diapers while others prefer disposables. Regardless of the kind you want, make sure that you have at least two dozen reusable diapers or four dozen of the disposable diapers. You should also ensure that you have a diaper pad and pail. Baby ointment and disposable wipes should also be stocked.

When it comes to the type of diapers, you should have newborn sized ones on hand but also you’ll want to stock a few for older babies as well. The reusable diapers are easier to adjust but disposable ones are tailored more closely to your baby’s size. Some babies are born larger and may need a larger size in the first few weeks of life. Even if not, you’ll be ready when your child starts to grow.

2. An Approved Infant Safety Seat

Since your baby is going to be traveling in the first few weeks of life, you need to have an approved safety seat. To be more versatile, you can choose a seat that goes from stroller to car such as a 3 in 1 car seat. This seat is going to be needed to take your baby to the doctor’s office and when you need to run errands. These seats can also be adjusted as your baby grows so make sure that you keep the instructions handy. After the baby is delivered, you can bring the car seat into the hospital and have a medical staff help you with a car seat test as needed.

3. Infant Crib and Mattress

Just like the other necessities of life, your baby is going to be sleeping every day. You need to have a safe crib and crib mattress. You can shop around for cribs that will meet your needs. Mattresses should be safe for babies. Since leaks do happen, you’ll also want to get waterproof mattress covers to keep them spill-free. Many people will also get cribs that can convert to more of a bed as your baby grows. This is not essential but you will want a crib that is safe for infants in that first year of life.

When it comes to essentials for your child, you’ll end up with a list of essentials and items that are non-essential but would be nice to have. Make sure that you keep these items separate so that you can prioritize your shopping lists. When you start to get the baby supplies together, make sure that you have these three essential items ready. You’ll find that it’s much easier to get started when your baby gets home and you won’t be scrambling for these basic items.

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