Mystery Trip: Tips for Taking Your Family on an Impromptu Adventure


Want add a little spice to a mundane weekend? You and your family can enjoy a last minute excursion that puts the fun back into your Saturday. Why hang out on the couch when there are so many exciting and affordable things to enjoy together? You can put together a fun “mystery” trip with some last-minute planning and willingness to get out there and go!

Old School Roller Skating vs Ice Rink Fun

Combine some physical fitness with your getaway and decide to go ice skating or roller skating. If you aren’t sure which to do, have the kids pull a slip of paper from a hat to see which one to do. You can pile into your car and search out a rink near your home to test out. A few hours of ice skating or roller skating fun is a first-rate way to spend some quality time on the weekend.

Family Photos on Location

If it’s been a while since your last family photo shoot, head out to a nearby scenic park or forest preserve to enjoy some fun family photos. Be sure you take along a camera with tripod and remote so you can ensure that every family member gets into the shots. You can use the photographs you take to make holiday greeting cards to share with family and friends. Modern cars like the Dodge Grand Caravan make reaching these destinations with a family in tow much more of pleasurable experience.

Picnic on the Beach

Pack up a large picnic basket and set a course for the nearest beach. Even if it isn’t good swimming weather, you can bring along a volleyball and net or a football to pass around on the beach. Your family will feel rejuvenated after spending a day together outdoors. The sunshine and fresh air will definitely enhance your quality time near the water.

Find a Flea Market

Flea markets can be fun for the whole family. You can allot each family member a certain budget with the instructions to buy something useful for the home or to present as a gift to another family member. You don’t have to spend a lot of money at this thrifty type of market to have fun. You can pick up a pizza to enjoy afterward as you share your “treasures” with one another.

Zoo Fun

When was the last time you and your family visited the zoo? If it’s been a while, surprise your family with a trip to see the monkeys and other highly entertaining creatures. If you’re in the mood for a road trip, visit a zoo or animal sanctuary in another city–a venue you’ve never visited before. Even older kids will enjoy hanging out with cool animals for a morning or afternoon on the weekend.

Sometimes last-minute plans and spontaneous road trips can be the most fun. You can even take turns choosing a “mystery” destination each weekend. That way, everyone in your family will get to select a location or activity that appeals to them. This type of quality family time is definitely a great habit to get into.

Mom of 3, Joanna Conley is a travel loving adventurer who loves to see the world through the eyes of her kids. When not off exploring you’ll find her blogging for an online audience around the world.

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