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Mrs Freshley’s is the best.  My family loves Mrs. Freshley’s Pastries.  There are Honey Buns that are made with Cinnabon Cinnamon, as well as some Cinnamon Donuts, also made with Cinnabon Cinnamon.  These are so good.  Sarah, my 17 year old, had field day with them.  She loved the donuts, as did 3 year old, Jacob.  I don’t even recall getting a taste in, before they were gone.


There are so many goodies to choose from with Mrs. Freshley’s.  She makes sure to please everyone.  The Honey Bun was super delicious, and the perfect size for my family.  My husband and I did share one, but I only got a bite.  He loved it so much, I had a hard time getting him to share.  The rest, I sent to school, in Sarah’s lunch.  She loved them, and shared with boyfriend, Josh.


You don’t know what you are missing if you haven’t tried Mrs. Freshley’s.  The Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars, that I recently picked up, were delicious.  Again, I only got to share one, but at least I got to share one. 


I don’t eat much, but when I think of Mrs. Freshley’s, I get a major appetite.  I want these goodies.  My daughter will leave me one, but my husband always takes it.  I’m going to have to start remembering to buy more than one box.

From now on, when I buy Mrs. Freshley’s, I’m going to hide them.  I know I’m guaranteed to get one if they are hid.  I love Mrs. Freshley’s and highly recommend that you try them, today.

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