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Moose Toys are fantastic.  My son had so much fun, opening all of his surprises.  Your child(ren) will have fun too.  So much to choose from, with Moose.  And, the prices are perfect.


Jacob loves Little Live Pets, Shopkins, Qixels, and Glow Show.  What do these toys have in common?  They are all Moose Toys.  Moose has been around for quite a while, and I love watching my son be so excited by the toys.


The Little Live Pets Cleverkeet, she is super cool.  My son plays with this everyday, even after 3 weeks of having.  You know most toys can only hold a 4 year old’s attention for a short period of time, but not Little Live Pets.


Little Live Pets, also has the cutest little Turtles.  The turtles are actually my favorite.  I took Jacob’s turtle, because he’s so darn cute.


Qixels are little sqares, that when you put them together & spray with water, they build characters.  Jacob loves Qixels.  He and his Sissy, 18 year old, Sarah, play with Qixels all the time. 


Let’s talk about Shopkins.  If you have kids, I’m sure you know Shopkins.  My 4 year old, son, loves Shopkins.  He has the little So Cool Fridge, and everything.


Shopkins are great for your little one, or one getting a little bigger.  Sarah looks through Jacob’s Shopkins all the time.  And, there are a lot of sets to choose from.  If you are buying a gift for a little one, you can buy a Shopkins 12 pack, for a great price.


Wild Pets, Jacob has a Spider, he leaves run through the house.  The thing looks real, only bigger.  If you have a Spider lover, you need to get him this amazing Spider.  I’m scared of spiders, so it freaks me out, but Jacob just loves it.

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