Michael Giannulis Offers Business Tips on Some of the Mistakes to Avoid Keeping Your Organization Running Smoothly


It is natural for business owners to make mistakes; however, there are some repercussions of those mistakes that may adversely impact your business. Some grave mistakes may completely crush your business particularly if they are left unchecked or unattended until they drive down your business and performance dips. Some unintended mistakes could occur during the entire lifecycle of a business. However, once you are aware of the common small business blunders that others have already made, you would be well-equipped with ways to avoid those mistakes. Educating yourself about some common small business blunders is the best way of avoiding them in the future.

Mistakes to Avoid for Boosting Your Business: A Few Valuable Tips by Michael Giannulis 

Do Not Be Unprofessional

You cannot lack in professionalism. Do not mix your personal and professional lives. Do not get a bad reputation by being someone, who is quite notorious for cracking crude jokes in the presence of clients. You should reserve your socializing and partying spirit for the weekend. We know that Monday mornings are quite taxing anyway, do not make things more difficult for others by letting your weekend mood spill over into a busy work week. 

Avoid Letting Your Clients Be Identified as Just Numbers

Remember every client who is interacting with you is unique in his own right and should be treated as a unique individual. The moment customers become just a cell in a spreadsheet or a file with a specific number in your database, and then your business will be disintegrating. You should appreciate and acknowledge your customers individually. You should demonstrate how much you value their loyalty and that you are happy to serve them currently and eager to obtain repeat business. Show your customers that you cherish interacting with them and catering to their needs, says Mike Giannulis

Do Not Ignore Customer Complaints

Many small business owners are not keen on tackling customer complaints. You must keep in mind that customer complaints cannot be undermined, and they need to be addressed with top priority. Customer grievances should be taken seriously as they cannot dissipate in the air as if by magic. You should consider customer complaints as a golden opportunity to improve your services and an effective way of demonstrating to your customers that their opinion matters to you the most. It is your opportunity to prove to your customers that you aim to deliver superlative services. Start viewing client complaints as an opportunity to shine. You could gain valuable feedback, and accordingly, you may identify ways to enhance your processes ad boost your services.

Never Give Preference to Quantity over Quality

If you sacrifice your quality just to cater to a higher number of clients, you will lose your existing customers and fail to get repeat customers. Remember customers have the wisdom to judge quality. The moment they feel that you are compromising on quality, they would shift allegiance to your competitors. Your best investment toward getting a loyal customer base is boosting the quality of your services and products. You would gain far more dividends as compared to the money you wanted to save, by compromising on quality to cut down costs or for speeding up bulk orders.


You must learn to delegate responsibilities to others. You simply cannot handle all tasks efficiently on your own. It is your responsibility to identify mistakes and prevent them so that they do not end up adversely affecting your revenue and customer loyalty. Always devote time to show your care for your clients and employees. Make the best use of your time, which is the most precious asset that your business seems to have.

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