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Freya is one of the best-selling specialist lingerie brands for women with a large cup size. Freya bras are available from cups B to K. Whether you’re looking for everyday basics, chic lace or bold prints, we have a lingerie set for every occasion, every time of the day, every outfit. A perfect fit for a diverse life, whatever you’re looking for to make you feel fierce.


Find your perfect fit with Freya’s exciting selection of bras, featuring trend-setting designs with ultimate K-cup support. In addition to the “regular” bras, Freya also surprises with longline bras and bralettes. From balconette bras (translated to Dutch: balconette bh), padded bras, plunge bras to longline and strapless bras, discover a look that suits every moment.


The spearhead of Freya lingerie is the great attention that is paid to the ideal fit of the bra. This ensures that your Freya bra (translated to Dutch: freya bh) provides the perfect support and lift to your breasts. The designs are stylish and playful and often have nice prints. In addition, there is a basic collection such as the black Freya Deco padded plunge bra, light pink Freya Arya Deco plunge bra and skin color bra.

A Look To Match Every Moment

Every day is just so different. You never know what it’s going to bring, where you’ll be or what you’ll be wearing. Because life is so unpredictable you need the reassurance of a brilliant fit. Freya has a look that works for every single moment, during busy times when you’re at work, studying or spending time with your family. During fun times, when you’re out partying with friends, on holiday exploring or trying something new. And even during me-time, when you’re chilling at home or working out.


If you have just given birth and are going to breastfeed your baby, a nursing bra (translated to Dutch: voedingsbh) is a must to have! A nursing bra is specially designed for breastfeeding women. While holding your baby in your hand, loosen your cup with one hand to allow your baby to breastfeed. In addition, a nursing bra is even more comfortable than an everyday bra. The nursing bra did not kneel and conformed to the shape of the breast. In addition, the feeding bra absorbs the milk fluid.


Looking for complete comfort and a flexible fit? Look no further than a Freya Bralette bra, with a soft, non-wired cup style for an unstructured shape and a super comfortable fit.


A Freya Starlight padded bra is designed with a padded shape that works to create a natural, rounded shape, while seam-free cups provide a beautifully smooth finish under clothing. Freya Bras with molded cups also cleverly hide when one breast is slightly larger than the other. We have three different padded bra styles to choose from, all offering different levels of coverage. An ideal style for wearing under tight-fitting clothing in cup sizes B – H!

Which sexy lingerie color do you prefer?

Do you have that too; a certain preference for a color? Stylish and sexy in black, virgin white, passionate red, or the cooler blue, nature-minded green or perhaps romantic pink? Colors that are trendy. But colors such as brown, gray or metallic are also trendy, or combinations of these with black and white

A color says much more than you might think at first glance. Of course, certain types have certain colors and there are colors that suit everyone. However, the above colors are sold much more often than average compared to, for example, yellow, purple or orange. Yes logo, you think? You wouldn’t wear something like that! There are plenty of countries where these colors are sold more.

Preferably for that one color, the entire wardrobe is not full of, for example, only red lingerie. Most people like variety, appearing different every time. Yet it appears that we have a certain preference for just that one color. Because you think this color suits you, or perhaps subconsciously. When you shop, online or offline, you are always drawn to that one color.

The preference for a certain color also changes from time to time. For example, because you are getting older or perhaps because of a phase you are in at that moment. And the color that you like for your car, your interior or the color of your lipstick can differ enormously from your favorite lingerie color. That also has to do with mindset. Decorating your house, just to take this example, is not something you do to get turned on (at least not in the way that lingerie turns you on). The information below is therefore about your favorite lingerie color, which you would most like to wear, which gives you a ‘wow’ feeling. That can also be multiple colors. Sometimes even opposite colors such as green and red, black and white.

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