Why Coworking Is Putting Pressure On The Traditional Nine-To-Five


Singapore is a beautiful country. It has a rich culture comprised of diverse peoples and languages. Leisure also has an important place in the country, and if travelling as a tourist or visitor, the landmarks, dining, and other attractions make moving to the country worth the effort. With so much to look forward, work can seem like a chore in such a landscape.

However, coworking can erase the boredom that comes with working in a conventional office. While many believe that snagging prime office space in the city translates into success, coworking spaces in and around Singapore are challenging that concept. Take a look at what one office offers businesses in terms of office space and amenities by clicking onto the followings link http://www.servcorp.com.sg/en/coworking/. As you can see, with office spaces that provide a real platform for success, more and more professionals are realising that shared office space might not be such a bad idea as a platform for establishing your business.

Continue reading to learn why coworking is becoming a more popular solution to the conventional nine-to-five office space.

Flexible Scheduling

The one thing that the coworking space brings to businesses is the ability to set your own schedule whereas the traditional nine-to-five is very limiting. Depending on community hours, businesses might find that they can actually devise a schedule that is more appropriate for their business lives. In business, time knows no boundaries and business demands can happen at any time of the day or night.

With the coworking space, professionals have the flexibility to attend functions later in the day as a part of their workday, as opposed to going to work and then trying to attend functions when they are tired at the end of the workday, which is hardly effective for good business that should be handled when professionals are alert. Then, the scheduling for the typical nine-to-five allows businesses to alternate their schedule so that they can accomplish work when they are feeling at their best during the workday. Finally, it allows businesses and professionals to set a schedule that will allow them to avoid peak times in the office so they can work when the space is most comfortable for them (i.e. quiet).

Fluid Space

One of the major differences between conventional office space and the coworking space is that there very few walls or boundaries. This open space brings a different type of freshness to it in that people are more accessible as opposed to being hidden behind cubicles or office doors. Privacy is a great thing, but in an environment filled with industrious people, it might not always be conducive to the type of work and creativity that sparks invention.

The nine-to-five in many ways hampers the type of interaction that creates collaborative opportunities. In a coworking lab, professionals can collaborate at the hot desk, in the conference rooms, in cafés, and if available workstations designated for collaboration. In the conventional office, professionals have few spaces other than their offices or a conference room in which to meet, and many times the conference room has to be reserved. 


The major difference between the conventional space and the coworking space is that the coworking space is really office space on a diet. The coworking space removes the hassles of finding workspace, looking for furnishings, hiring support staff, supplying electricity, phone and internet to the building, and paying for office supplies. The conventional office requires businesses to take care of all of these tasks, which is risky for start-ups not sure of their own place in the business community.

Trading Up For An Exciting, Energetic Atmosphere

The coworking space wins hands down when comparing it with the traditional office space. In Singapore, trading in your conventional office for a coworking space can allow you to enjoy work and the pleasure of working in such a beautiful place. More importantly, you can do this while watching your business grow.

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