A Medical Alert Can Save a Life


Everyone has seen the advertisements on television showing an elderly person lying helplessly and calling for help while nobody is able to hear them. The truth of the matter is that this can easily happen and has happened too often. The problem occurs because people age gradually, and most are not aware how their sense of balance is not functioning as it did in their younger years. In addition, bones grow weaker and more brittle as the years pass, so an elderly person can break their leg or hip without even falling.

According to statistics, when a couple is advancing in years the husband is typically the first to pass away. The surviving wife is often younger and in better physical condition, so she makes the decision to continue living alone in her home. While this may be the best financial choice for a widow, she will eventually need help and supervision with her daily activities. A very real danger for an elderly woman living alone occurs when she falls and is unable to reach a telephone because of a broken bone or other injury. Unless she has relatives or friends who check on her often, nobody may arrive to help her for several days. This is exactly the circumstance that a medical alert system can guard against.

While elderly people benefit most from health related medical technology, disabled people are often in need of assistance when they live alone. Although a disabled person may have more ability mentally, an accidental fall can also put them at risk if they are unable to contact anyone who can help them. Most disabled persons who live alone have a service dog to assist them when necessary, and they likely live in an apartment or home that is specially equipped for the disabled. Unfortunately, accidents can happen that make calling for help necessary. A medical alert device is an important safeguard for anyone who living alone and physically impaired.

The home of an elderly or disabled person is not the only place that medical technology should be used. Physical exercise is beneficial to the elderly and disabled alike, but going out for a walk alone can present a danger if they should fall or need help. A medical alert is a quick and simple way to call for emergency help, and it is also convenient since the device is typically worn as a bracelet or pendant. Although most people have a cell phone that can be used to call for help, it could be dropped and broken or simply out of reach. In addition, many seniors find using a cell phone difficult so either do not have one or find it too complicated to use the one they have.

While using a medical alert as a safeguard against accidents is a good idea, most people who could benefit are not convinced they need one. This is especially true of seniors who believe they have more physical abilities than they actually do. It is common for children of seniors to work full-time, so they should insist their parent who lives alone carry a medical alert device to be are able to call for emergency help when needed.

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