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If you aren’t familiar with Mazoola, please take the time to read “Mazoola is Helping Educate Our Children“. It’s an earlier Article that Mom Blog Society posted about them. They have the only Digital Wallet that has been Certified by The Federal Trade Commission concerning The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). I know that’s a lot to throw at you in an opening statement, but I want you to know that this isn’t some quickly thrown together app that was designed to take your money. This is an app that was designed (from the floor up) to fill a need for your family in ways that was only imagined before.

First of all, the app is designed for your child’s protection. No bells and whistles are going to distract you there. Either it protects your information, or it doesn’t. Mazoola became the first and is currently the only COPPA Certified app on the market. It’s a big deal when the Government endorses your product. Also, Mazoola doesn’t save any of your child’s information, so there isn’t anything for anyone to steal or sell. And, Mazoola not only protects your child from prying eyes, but it protects your child from themselves. We were all young once. I can’t speak for everyone, but I for one, didn’t always show sound judgement when it came to my finances. On the other hand, I wasn’t taught how to handle my money. That’s the beauty of this app; it allows your children a platform where they can learn how to handle their money. Oh, and while we’re on the subject, I noticed that the app uses your input to determine what is allowed and what isn’t. Yes, they can spend their money, but your child can only the amount that you allow. And they can only spend it where you say it is okay to do so. Nothing is set in stone either. You can loosen or tighten the reigns any time you see fit.

Another way your child is protected (and you as well) is that they receive a virtual debt card number that they use to make all of their transactions (transactions that you as well as they can view at any time). This virtual card number isn’t accessible to them. Only you can see the number, so if someone steals their phone or looks on their phone to steal the credit information, it isn’t there. Now, you can always allow them to see it, but initially, this feature is turned off.

Most children have chores to do and it is those chores that earns them an allowance (or an added bonus). You can set up chores on the app as well. They have even gone so far as to set up a chore for multiple children and whoever finishes the chore first gets the reward. So let’s say you have five chores that needs done for the week… and all of your children know what needs done, but no one seems to want to do it, well with everyone in on the chores, they may get done a lot faster with a little rivalry. Or if only one child is doing all the chores, then they should reap the benefits of doing a good job.

Mazoola also blocks certain retailers from the approved list. These blocked vendors include Gambling, Alcoholic Beverage places, Escort Services, as well as some other places they feel isn’t suitable for under-aged individuals. Once again, well thought out and well executed, don’t you think? They have a whole page of Frequently Asked Questions you can access on their FAQs page if you have further questions.


Mazoola also has a Support page that you can visit where they take the time to answer your questions or to walk you through the process. You can send them a message or request a call-back. It’s really that easy. If you want to look into this app further, click here to visit Mazoola. or click here to Download the app. There’s way more information on their site. So give your children an education in finances before they leave the nest. Help them avoid financial difficulties or you very well might be helping them with their problems later.

@Mazoola is an app developed by parents to help their own children gain financial awareness and learn good money habits while protecting their privacy. The app allows parents to determine where kids can shop and how much they can spend, set savings goals, and reward them for achievements all while maintaining complete control. Read more here: Mazoola #PoweredbyPrivacy

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Tara Pittman
1 year ago

This sounds like a smart thing for kids. Money learning is always a must.

Monica Simpson
Monica Simpson
1 year ago

This app sounds perfect for our family. We finally got more serious about chores with our kids and having them learn about earning money.

1 year ago

This sounds like a great app to try with my kids! I’ll check it out with them!

Anne Marie
Anne Marie
1 year ago

It’s important to instill good financial habits early on. Glad there’s an app for helping with this!