Making Sure Your Student is Test Day Ready with Winward Academy


There is little more nerve wracking for a college bound high schooler (or their parents!) than the morning of SAT or ACT testing. Have you done enough to prepare? Do you have everything that you’ll need? Though these tests are only one of many pieces to the college admissions puzzle, in that moment, it can feel like everything is riding on your performance on that day. While there is much more to be concerned about, here are a few tips that can help you to make sure that your student is ready on their big test day.

Take Time to De-stress

In the hours leading up to the test, make sure to plan some relaxing and enjoyable activities. A quiet night at home with family or friends, watching a movie or playing some games is a great way to wind down and prepare for a lengthy test. 

Avoid Cramming

Though it can be a good idea to spend a little time reviewing notes on sections of the test that are of particular concern, trying to learn new concepts in the hours leading up to the test is a recipe for stress. Instead, begin to prepare early with SAT or ACT prep courses and online tutoring. Winward Academy offers several options for ACT/SAT preparation, high school math, and college application prep for college bound students. Resources like this will leave your student feeling prepared and confident as they walk into the room on test day.

Rest is Crucial

For many high schoolers, the habit of cruising along on just a few hours of sleep is a hard one to break. Help your student get into a routine of going to bed early enough to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep in the days leading up to their exam. This will help them to avoid tossing and turning on the night before the test, letting them get the rest that they need to bring their “A-game”.

Fuel Up Properly

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it is doubly so on the day of a big test. It’s impossible to focus if you’re counting the hours to lunch. Make sure your student starts their day with a filling meal, that is packed with nutrients to fuel their brain. Be sure to take along healthy snacks for breaks and some water to stay hydrated.

Dress for Success

When they’re sitting at a desk or table for several hours, they don’t need to worry about the high fashion game. Comfortable is the keyword for the day! Leave home the skinny jeans that are just a little too skinny or the cute top that slides down the shoulder. Discomfort or fiddling with clothing that won’t stay in place can break their focus easily. A comfy outfit with a light sweatshirt or sweater to layer is a perfect test day uniform.

You can find more tips for SAT and ACT Success at Winward Academy. From their blog filled with practical advice to their online tutoring and SAT/ACT Prep Classes, parents will find the tools they need to help their students reach their potential when it comes to standardized exams. These amazing resources will give them the knowledge and the confidence that they need to make the most of their SAT and ACT experiences, opening doors to a more successful future.

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Shannan Powell is a mom of 3 boys, who has worked from home as a freelance writer and blogger since the birth of her middle son. Her spare time is spent volunteering with her son's swim team, reading, and binge watching random shows on Netflix.

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Karen Dawkins
5 years ago

Excellent tips. We made our kids turn their cell phones over to us when they went to bed, even in high school. They slept much better without texting drama all night long. (Seriously, all night long!) Good sleep every night made a huge difference in their grades and attitudes, not just for the SAT but all year long.

5 years ago

I always used to stress when it came to testing in school. We make sure to make our kids feel at ease when it comes to taking exams. Following these tips will surely help.

5 years ago

These are some great tips. My daughter has to do her testing later on this month. I am trying not to stress her out and I am going to make sure she gets lots of rest.

5 years ago

It is good to be as prepared as possible and use all the tools available to do well on exams. Thanks for sharing this info. My kids are just starting to have a lot of school work and tests, and this is good to know.

Ruth I
Ruth I
5 years ago

These are all true! Rest is really essential. Kids needs it most for a more productive brain and body.

Melissa Dixon
5 years ago

This is great for helping your kids get test ready. I love the idea of this and if we are in need, I will be sure to look more into this. This sounds awesome.

5 years ago

These are all great tips. Tests can be very stressful on kids. I think rest is always an important one. That and eating a good breakfast.

5 years ago

Two more years to go and our son will be one of those students who will get ready for those tests. Thank you for these tips.

5 years ago

I always try to convince my kids that they need brain food. It helps so much.

Erica @ Erica Ever After

This is a great resource for parents. We all want our kids to be successful in life, and passing all these standardized tests is definitely part of that

Shannon Gurnee
5 years ago

I hadn’t heard of Winward Academy before, but it sounds like a great resource. I would love to check it out for our kids.

Katrina Ellen
Katrina Ellen
5 years ago

This is some really great information to make sure that they are ready. This is something that my son struggles with!

mary jane
5 years ago

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