Major reasons to stop drinking Fizzy Drinks:


If you’re attempting to cut back on what you’re eating, it’s simple to get into the habit of getting a fizzy drink can to offer you a nice hit or a little kick in energy. There are many reasons why fizzy beverages should be stopped–or at least considerably reduced–not least because they are generally filled with sugar. Full of sugar, chemicals and generally zero dietary value, fizzy drinks are what we’ve been informed of on numerous occasions, even if they look attractive when the sun goes out. So if you drink fizzy beverages like water, it may be time to stop or at least decrease your consumption significantly. Here are a few reasons why drinking fizzy beverages should stop:

Risk of Diabetes:

Drinks loaded with sugar have been shown to boost Type 2 diabetes instances. A research undertaken between 1990 and 2000 estimated that 130,000 fresh instances of diabetes led to the enhanced consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages. Try to mix them half and half with water as you wean yourself off fizzy drinks. Or if it sounds like a travesty, just have a glass of water and a glass of fizzy drink and alternate your snacks.

Risk of getting Fat:

Fizzy drinks are a major cause of making us fat. It may seem apparent to this one. What you may not know, though, is that diet soft beverages can still have a dramatic impact on our waistline. A research showed that a individual drinking diet-fizzy beverages saw their waistlines grow almost three times as much as non-drinkers and even more so than non-diet drinking variants.

Early Aging:

Imagine you are not that old and you enter into a supermarket and you fell on the floor and you don’t know what to do if you slip and fall in a store. This might be due to your weak bones. As well as many other processed foods, phosphates used in fizzy drinks have been discovered to accelerate the ageing process. Not only in terms of wrinkles, this is bad, but also health problems that some with age, like chronic kidney disease and cardiac calcification. Even youngsters are facing different problems like weak bones etc.

Early Puberty:

Teenagers especially girls who drink a lot of cold drinks are more likely to have early puberty. Fizzy drinks disturb your hormones and your body meets some changes due to it. Fizzy drinks also disturb menstruation cycle.

Change your Brain and make us violent:

Fizzy drinks have been discovered to change the protein concentrations in the brain as well as affecting the body, which may lead to hyperactivity. The scientists discovered that even adolescents who drank only two cans a week were more violent towards their colleagues, and those who drank five or more cans a week were also more probable to drink alcohol or smoked at least once a month earlier. Fizzy drinks do affect our brain and make it work more fast which is not even needed. Teenagers are becoming aggressive and more violent because of excessive intake of fizzy drinks.

Just try to avoid fizzy drinks as much as you can. If you think water is bland or you find it tasteless, add a little flavor with fruit chunks like lemon, lime or orange or maybe cucumber to give it a little new flavor. If it is too hard for you to quit fizzy drinks, try to add water in it to make it a little less effective.

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Your waistline. Since soda has no nutritional value, the calories you consume – around 140 calories per can – are all empty calories, which contribute to weight gain..