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If you ask me do I prefer tea over coffee I’ll tell you, yes indeed? No matter what form it may come in, bottled tea, cold tea or loose tea as long as the flavor is tasty and good…I’m all in!

So when I was introduced to Pique Tea line of crystallized loose-leaf tea, it peaked my interest. Now the Pique Tea Collection is available in five flavors—Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Jasmine, Sencha, and Mint Sencha.


The company also sent me one of their signature glasses along with the tea box. The organic whole leaves are blended, brewed, and crystallized by Simon Cheng. Simon Cheng was inspired by the incredible health benefits of Cha Gao, Simon spent years in collaboration with leading tea farmers and tea masters to integrate ancient tradition with modern science and create Pique Tea Crystals. Each tea packet is free of artificial flavorings, preservatives, and sugar, plus they dissolve instantly in water which makes it so easy to enjoy even while on the go.

If you’re like me you too will love the convenience of drinking the Pique Tea while on the go. Just pour and enjoy no tea bags to dispose of, making on-the-go tea a breeze while you’re out and about.


Being an avid tea lover I can see myself falling in love with Pique Tea within an instant. I find the Pique Tea to reduce time in waiting to enjoy a cup of tea by the way they dissolved. When I prepared my first cup of tea to test that was one of the first things I noticed, just how fast the tea dissolved right before my eyes. Most of all the taste of the Sencha Green Tea was quite refreshing and very tasty.


When Pique states they slow brew whole tea leaves for hours to fully extract their fresh flavor and powerful antioxidants, I can believe it for again I enjoyed the flavor!

When you compare Pique to other instant brands I’ve used, I’ll have to say this brand is by far becoming my favorite brand now. Not only because of the wonderful blended flavors but also because of the convenience it provides. When you’re on the go like I am, these sachets will come in handed. No matter if I wish to enjoy a hot or cold cup of tea, Pique Tea has me covered.

Do you know that Pique Tea work directly with trusted tea farmers in India, China, and Sri Lanka to grow and handpick tea leaves at their peak of freshness? Their crystals are packaged into single-serving sachets for a perfect cup of tea anytime, anywhere.

After testing the Pique Tea for the last two days I’ve come to the conclusion that if you are a tea lover Pique will definitely satisfied your tea needs. They really took the time to make sure all flavors blended well and that they produced a calming, favorable taste that everyone will enjoy!

Another great thing about the Pique Tea is you can packed these tea packets to travel with you anywhere you go. They are lightweight, easy to store and can make a full cup of great tasting tea within minutes.


So order your Pique Tea today, select your tea flavor, brew your water, pour in cup, now sit back and enjoy a nice cup of Pique Tea.


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