Living with a Disability: 7 Ways to Maximize Your Independence


Disabled individuals are no different than anyone else. They want to live independently without relying on others. Take the proper steps to live this lifestyle. Here are some strategies to help the disabled maximize their independence.

Purchase Wheels

There are many tools available to help the disabled do what their bodies cannot. First, you’ll need assistance from United Access with a special vehicle. Indeed, vans, SUVs, and trucks can be converted for the disabled to drive. They’re equipped with hand controls and wheel chair lifts. You’ll really feel independent when you’re able to travel independently and not have to depend on others for transportation. Programs are out there to help anyone with a disability finance a vehicle. Further, veterans may obtain grants to purchase a vehicle.

Prepare Your Home

Make the necessary home modifications so you can live alone. Doors may need to be enlarged to accommodate a wheelchair. In addition, the furniture should be arranged so there’s a clear pathway for walking or riding. Bathtubs get in the way and need to be removed. It’s safer to install a large shower area that’s equipped with a bench. The fixtures should be lower so you can reach them. Grab bars and a toilet riser may come in handy. All of the above and more you can find at keepmovingcare, an online mobility shop, that will ease your everyday routine. Apply for grants to help pay for needed modifications.

Assisted Living

Consider assisted living as an option. Live on your own and get help when it’s needed. Residents have an apartment and live independently. They have the option of cooking or eating in the dining room. There are lots of activities, so guests are never lonely. Many facilities have exercise rooms and on-site beauticians.

Enjoy Gadgets

There are thousands of gadgets that make independent living easier. Utensils are available for those who experience difficulty holding them. Some silverware is self-levelling while other utensils are angled. There are devices to help with dressing, like no-tie shoelaces. Couples can purchase a special swing device that allows them to remain intimate. The internet is a powerful tool for locating assistive devices.

Join a movement

The Independent Living Institute wants to empower the disabled. This international organization provides a comprehensive list of resources for disabled persons, including where to get legal assistance. Their philosophy is the disabled community should have the same choices in everyday life as the non-disabled. They urge disabled persons to support themselves.

Get a Job

There are many jobs that welcome disabled workers. The disabled can teach, perform desk jobs, and so much more. Many jobs are geared towards those who want to work at home. That may be more convenient for some. Check out the website, Rat Race Rebellion. This website has an updated list of work-from-home jobs daily. Disabled persons need income to purchase many of the things that make life more comfortable.

How About a Date?

People don’t lose interest in the opposite sex because they’re disabled. Take advantage of online dating sites for the disabled. Experts suggest being honest about the disability in your profile. Further, it’s recommended to meet the date in a public place on the first outing. Make sure the meeting place is accessible.

Being disabled doesn’t mean you can’t be independent. There are countless resources available to help with living expenses and transportation. Live your life to the fullest by taking advantage of what’s out there. Empower yourself!

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