A Hero Among Us: A Florida Man Pays Off School Lunch Debt


Nearly 30 million students pay for and rely on a school lunch every day across the country. But the costs for a tray of food are leaving students everywhere in school lunch debt.

Students and parents alike face a crisis when it comes to their lunch. Packing lunches is difficult for busy parents who have varying and complex work schedules. Just getting five minutes of face time with your child is already hard enough in the morning rush.

Across the country, new guidelines and restrictions to promote a healthier lifestyle for students are underway. But school lunch debt remains an issue for many.

Fundraising for Food

Currently, childhood obesity and diabetes affects almost 14 million children and adolescents across the country. More well-rounded meals with wholesome fruits and vegetables will help tackle these childhood diseases. Organizations like The Lunch Mob are working to take this problem on and provide better school lunches.

But even with a healthier lunch, students face a different kind of issue that is affecting students and parents everywhere: school lunch debt.

Recently, an administrator of the “Jupiter Mamas” Facebook group shared a highly concerning list of 9 Palm Beach County, FL schools that had outstanding student lunch debt.

The administrator, Angie Vyas-Knight, requested the list from the Palm Beach county school board. The report indicated a shocking school lunch debt of $944.34.

Weeks later, this list landed in the hands of Andrew Levy, a real estate agent. Shocked at the appalling number, Levy knew he had to step in and do something.

Andrew Levy immediately stepped into action, paying off the full debt for all 400 kids that made up the school lunch debt list in the area.

Soon after, he decided to take the matter one step further. Andrew plans to start a fundraising page that aims to pay for student meals quarterly.

The Response From the Community

Andrew’s generosity led to much more community support. Andrew’s Facebook post detailing his plan went viral, receiving over 200 supporters, and further solidifying his goals.

Though Andrew’s goal started out just in the Jupiter, Florida area, he plans to tackle all of Palm Beach County’s student lunch debt. Slowly but surely, his movement is bringing national attention to an all too familiar dilemma.

The Palm Beach County School district also took action. After seeing the community’s response, they set up a system where anyone interested can help contribute.

People are able to give what they can to help ease what is now a $50,000 school lunch debt. This number accounts for over 180,000 enrolled students in the Palm Beach County School District.

Helping Stop School Lunch Debt

With a growing interest in healthier meals for kids across the country, people like Andrew Levy are helping re-imagine school lunches for everyone by eliminating school lunch debt.

By decreasing school lunch debt, families everywhere will worry less about another bill to pay off and afford to enjoy more meals at home with loved ones.

Check out the rest of our blog for some delicious meals to make at home that kids will love.

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