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I received a LifeProof  case for my son’s iPad.  This case is amazing.  He is 3, and it makes the iPad virtually indestructible!  We are able to not worry about water getting to it, there’s a floating case (LifeProof Life Jacket), as well.  The case makes it waterproof, itself, but the floating device is amazing.  My daughter is so jealous because of my son’s case, she is 17, I’ll be purchasing a second case.  She wants her iPad indestructible, as well.


I couldn’t have asked for a better product, and it’s really inexpensive for the concept.  This is definitely worth the money you will be putting out for it.  It will make your iPad indestructible.  And the price is the same as leading cases, that claim to do the same thing.  Trust me, our case has been through it all.  It’s on my 3 year old’s iPad, which means it’s been dropped, pop was spilled on it, and it saw the water, because we wanted to see it float.  You just wipe off the cover, when wet, and it’s back to normal.  Just make sure the opening for the plug is in all the way before you try to float it, or it will get ruined.


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Based in San Diego, LifeProof designs, manufactures and markets cases for smartphones and tablets that deliver protection, style and functionality. LifeProof is built on the idea of giving everyone the complete freedom and confidence to use their mobile devices in any environment. Designed to defend against water, dirt, snow, shock and the hazards of daily life, LifeProof lets consumers use their mobile device everyday, everywhere, for everything — without worry. For more information, visit

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