What To Get Your Man For His Birthday: A Moms Guide


Men are notoriously hard to buy for, so it makes sense that you’re looking for a little help in the gift department. Your son’s birthday is coming up and you have no idea what to get – don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal. We’ve got some ideas for ladies who are truly at a loss when it comes to what to buy their sons, so sit back, relax, and take a look at our mom’s guide:


Pants and Socks

Ok, your son might not appreciate these that much, but they’re a nice little ‘stocking filler’ if you like. All men need new pants and socks, at all times. Either because they’ve shrunk them in the wash, got holes in them, or they’re all of a sudden discoloured. Buying your son a quality pair of pants and socks might feel like a bit of a cop out, but you can guarantee he needs them! Encourage him to clear out his pant/sock draw while he’s at it.

Spotify Subscription

If your son is a lover of music, a Spotify subscription can fulfill his musical dreams and more. You can download and use Spotify for free, however you don’t get nearly as many features as you do with a premium subscription – only £10 per month! Your son will be able to listen to as much music as he likes, offline, online, on any device.


Perhaps you know where your son likes to shop. If you do, you may be able to make an educated guess as to the kind of clothes he’d like. You do need to be careful though, as your tastes will probably differ. Always keep the receipt!


You can’t go wrong with a nice smelling aftershave like 1 Million or Lacoste Red. Giorgio Armani is another extremely popular brand. There are many choices out there, so treat your son to something that he doesn’t already have to add to his collection.


Does your son fancy himself as a bit of a Bob the Builder? If so, he might appreciate a set of tools for his birthday! You could buy him some tools to add to his current collection, or buy him a brand new set if you think he could use a quality set. Take a look at glue guns direct for tools he may not have currently.


Your son might appreciate self-help books or how-to books. For example, ‘How to iron a shirt’ includes many other helpful how-to guides so your son can finally become independent and stop relying on his momma!


If your son is a big boy now and has his own place, he might like some homeware to jazz up his interior. Try photo frames, art work, cushions, candles – anything he’ll appreciate. He might even appreciate some quality kitchenware like new pots and pans/cutlery!

Your son will appreciate one of the gifts from the list above, and if he doesn’t…tell him you’re not buying birthday gifts anymore as he’s too old. He’ll soon change his tune!


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