4 Great Gifts for the Girl in your Family (This Holiday Season)


Let’s face it; shopping for girls is way harder than it is for boys. With boys, all you have to do is grab some Legos, a video game, or something along those lines, and they’ll be pleased as punch. But what do you even buy for a girl? How do you get something that you know she’s going to love and cherish, rather than just throw by the wayside the minute you’re not looking?

Well, I’m not going to sugarcoat it; it’s not easy, and you might not be able to get out of it with your wallet intact. But, for whatever reason, I have gained an impeccable ability to purchase gifts for whatever gender or age group, and I actually do have a few tips you can use to make this next holiday season a memorable one for your special girl.* So, without further ado, here are my gift ideas for the girl in your family; good luck! You are going to need it.

*Don’t ask me where I got these tips, as I may or may not have sold my soul.

4. Spa Trip

This one might be a bit self-serving, but it’s still a great choice for a growing girl—particularly if it’s her first spa trip. Take her out for a nice day of pampering, manicures, pedicures, the whole 9 yards; and, if when you are feeling nice and relaxed once the day is through, go out for dinner and a movie (though this really hinges upon her wanting to actually spend more time with you, at this point). The trick for this is to not overstay your welcome and to allow her to actually feel like it’s her birthday. True, it’s expensive, and you may feel a bit off-put at some point in the night, but it’s still a great gift for her and for you**

**If you are a Dad, perhaps buy one extra package for her best friend instead! Your daughter will probably love it even more!

3. Tickets to her Favorite Show

Is your daughter a fan of musicals? Does she like seeing ballet recitals, or is she more of a music person who loves concerts? Then maybe it’s time to get her tickets to her favorite show. Regardless of what she’s into, tickets to a live show are always impeccable gifts, particularly if they truly connect to that show. Trust us; she will truly love it, especially if you extend the leash a bit and make this a night about her—rather than you attempting to chaperone.

2. Shopping Trip

This one can easily work for guys as well, but girls—I think—will appreciate it immensely. My reasoning behind this is the simple fact that girls—and teens in general, for that matter—don’t like wearing the clothes their parents buy for them, even if they are nicer quality. You could go out and get an extremely expensive brand name, like Gucci or Chanel, and they still won’t be completely satisfied (okay, maybe they’ll be a little satisfied, but your wallet won’t be).

Obviously, clothes are a great gift for any girl, but letting them pick their clothes (with a limit) is an even better one! They’ll get the illusion that they are buying their clothes for themselves, and you’ll get the satisfaction of getting them a gift they will actually like. Even better, you can impart upon them the fashion advice you’ve gained over the years, while getting a taste of what they enjoy at the same time. It’s one of the more enriching gifts you could get a younger girl, and it’s one they won’t soon forget.

1. A Vacation (with a Friend)

Vacationing can be one of those dual-edged swords. Yeah, maybe your daughter loves to travel, but she also might not want to spend all her time with you and away from her friends. Fortunately, there is a way to get around this, make your daughter happy, AND go on the vacation that your daughter (and you) always wanted to go on: invite her friend!

If you really want to have an awesome time on a vacation, the best way to do so is allowing her to bring a friend along the way. Maybe you don’t have to pay for her, maybe you do; but, the moment her friend steps onto that plane, it’s no longer a “family vacation” stuck in the doldrums. Instead, it’s a fun, new adventure with good friends, good food, and loving family. And sometimes, that’s all you need to make your daughter happy this holiday season.


Tyler Fleck is an expert gift-giver and a multi-faceted blogger, who has had his work published all over the web. For more great gift ideas for your daughter, check out Twirly Girl’s selection of girls dresses. They are sure to be a smash hit!

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