Last-Minute Holiday Gifts You Can Give This Year


You promised yourself that you wouldn’t let it happen again, but it did. You put off your holiday shopping until the big day was almost upon you. 

Have no fear — you can find something meaningful, even as store shelves empty more quickly. Here are five ideas for last-minute holiday gifts you can give this year. 

1. A Stylish Ornament 

Even though the percentage is falling, over three-quarters of Americans still decorate a holiday tree. Adding to their classic ornament collection is always a tasteful choice for a last-minute gift. 

You could go with something that speaks to the spirit of the season. Classically styled ornaments with messages of peace, love and family never go out of style. Plus, such gifts don’t only have to adorn the tree. They can also decorate other areas of the home long after the holidays have gone. 

Another idea is a photo frame ornament that can go from the tree to the mantle merely by tucking the chain behind the frame. You can even DIY with this craft, picking up a wooden frame and drilling holes to affix the hanger. Give your gift a custom touch with a bit of paint or perhaps some decorations like seashells if you aren’t too handy with a brush. 

2. A Monthly Subscription 

You can delight nearly anyone on your gift list with the right subscription box. They have something for everyone these days, from dog lovers to dedicated golfers. These items show you care by customizing your offerings to the receiver’s tastes. 

If someone you love lives for the kitchen, YesChef includes a documentary-style film by a celebrity chef each month. They also get a series of on-demand cooking lessons adding up to at least five hours. If they’re into cheese, Murray’s Classic Cheese of the Month club gives them something to pair with their evening glass of vino. SnackNation delights those folks who now telecommute but miss the office break room. 

What if they’re into sports? Basketball fans will rave over Hoops Box. It comes in three editions — one for those under eight, another for the 8-to-12-year-old set and the third for age-13 and up. Court Crate delights tennis players, while those who like hitting the ball over the net with their hands instead of a racket enjoy a Volleyballal box. You can even find NFL bar giftware crates to impress that individual who always has everyone over to their house for the big game.

3. A New Kitchen Gadget 

People loved whipping up new creations even before the pandemic began. With more time at home these days, the right gadget to add to their culinary expertise makes the ideal last-minute gift. 

Do you have deeper pockets? Why not fill two of their needs with one gift by giving them a combination air fryer and pressure cooker? They’ll have dinner on the table in no time on busy work nights and gain a way to salvage those last few french fries that have started to go cold and yucky. 

Are your pockets a little less deep, or are you buying for a distant relative or co-worker? In that case, check out one of these impressive gadgets that will make meal prep go much more smoothly:

  • A portion-control salad dressing cap: For that colleague who is always on a diet and measuring things with their food scale. 
  • A space-saving grater: It unfolds to fit in a drawer. Hello, free counter space. 
  • A pineapple slicer: For the fruit salad aficionado who insists on only organic everything — save their hands from painful cuts. 
  • A cake batter dispenser: If you live for cupcakes, this gift might inspire the recipient to bake you a batch. 
  • A clip-on pouring spout: No more losing noodles and veggies down the drain when you strain them. 

4. Something for the Old Homestead 

Since folks are spending more time at home these days, why not get them something to enhance the atmosphere? If you know there’s a certain project they’ve been working on or wanting to start, a tool or other item they need to complete it makes the ideal last-minute gift. 

However, you can’t go wrong with cozy comfort, either. A new afghan that complements your recipient’s decor is always appreciated, as is a pair of soft throw pillows that invite napping. A houseplant helps scrub their indoor air and adds beauty to their decor. 

Do they have pets that leave their home smelling a little funky? If so, a new aromatherapy diffuser can add fragrance without toxins. Dimmer switches and LED light bulbs in funky hues are unusual gifts but can help them create ambiance in their living or bedroom. 

5. An Experiential Gift 

Finally, you can’t go wrong with an experiential gift. They’re perfect for young people on the go and those whose homes already overflow with too much stuff. 

If your special someone has the travel urge but has been grounded due to Covid, help them reignite their passion for flying the friendly skies. A new travel pillow and blanket set keep them cozy on their next adventure. If you have more money, a Kindle paperwhite is far more portable than a hardcover novel. 

Does someone on your list have chronic pain? Some health insurance plans cover procedures like acupuncture, but not all do. If not, why not get your lucky recipient a series of treatments to make them say “aaah?” 

Find the Perfect Last-Minute Holiday Gift 

You might have to be a little creative with store shelves emptying quickly this year. However, you can still find the perfect last-minute holiday gift with the five above ideas. 

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