Laser Treatment – Is It a Good Option for Removing Acne Scars?


Laser Treatment dates back to the 1900s and has progressively developed more over the years to bring us now the best laser treatment available. It can be used for various reasons such as, acne scars, wrinkles, and lines. It is known for making skin look rejuvenated. Most people after suffering with bad acne, develop acne scars. 

This treatment does not get rid of the scars fully but helps to minimise the scars and regrow healthier skin. Because there are so many different laser treatments, they range in price, which means you can pick the one most suited for you. 

What is Laser Treatment for Skin?

Laser skin treatment is used to treat scars and small imperfections on the human skin. It can be done by ablative and non-ablative lasers. Ablative lasers help to build collagen in the skin, which is what causes the skin to look healthier and younger. They are very harsh on the skin and will cause bruising. The recovery period after using this type of laser is long.

Non-ablative lasers take longer to achieve the desired effects, but it is non-invasive, and the face heals much quicker than it would with ablative lasers. What the laser does is basically damage the skin, so that the body has to heal itself and therefore creating new, healthier skin. The light that is used causes your muscle to tear and re-build. 

There is also the Fraxel laser, which seems to be the most common for acne treatment. This type of laser is part of the non-ablative lasers which are less harmful on the skin, less intrusive, and abusive. Microscopic laser columns are used to go deep down into the tissue where the problem lays. 

What Side Effects Can Be Caused from Using Laser Treatment?

Not everyone is a skilled facial expert, which means extra care needs to be taken when searching for the right person to work on your acne scars. If your face lands in to the wrong, inexperienced hands, issues such as blisters, burns, hypopigmentation, and scarring can occur. 

Some ablative procedures can also cause redness, swelling, scarring, and bruising. It is important to find a professional who can treat your scars properly. As mentioned earlier, they will never fully be gone, but the laser treatment does a good job of hiding them.

After laser treatment your skin is extremely sensitive for about a year, and care needs to be taken to look after your skin during this time. Long periods in the sun can be extremely damaging. Bear in mind also that some treatments are extremely painful, i.e. Ablative lasers, and more than likely a local anaesthetic will be needed to help you relax. If you are allergic to this, it may not be ideal to get this type of treatment.

What are the Benefits of Laser Treatment for Acne Scars?

They make the scars appear less noticeable by smoothing the skin tone. Treatment for acne scars is safe for all skin tones. These treatments only concentrate on the area in question and do not focus on any other part of the face. The treatment is less intrusive, faster, and recovery is much easier. Your skin tone will be even as collagen builds up from removing skin layers.

When Should You Get Laser Treatment?

Firstly, a dermatologist should be consulted prior to making any decisions. It is recommended to stop smoking two weeks prior to this treatment, as well as protecting your skin from the sun. It is also vital to stop taking anything that could potentially delay healing time after the procedure. It is important that there are no wounds on your face, and that everything is fully healed before doing any laser treatment.

What Can You Expect After the Procedure?

Swelling of the face usually takes place two days to go down. Healing can take anywhere from 10 to 21 days. The surgeon will apply a bandage to the affected area to help the healing process. Only oil-free make up should be used on the face for a few months after the procedure so as not to infect the face.

Usually there will be around three to six laser treatments to help with minimising the acne scars. This would be the standard, as anything beyond this can really damage the skin and leave you with new scarring, bleeding, white spots on your face, swelling, discolouration, and much more.

What is the Cost of Laser Treatment?

Each country has different prices, so let us look at the UK, Ireland, and America. UK cosmetic laser treatments may cost anywhere from £500 to £10,000. This would include consultation fees and treatment fees per session. Each session can range between £250 to £500.

North American clinics charge an average of $2000 for ablative laser treatment, and $1200 for non-ablative, as per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Treatments can go up in price to over $5000, depending on the severity of your acne scars. 

Judging from all the above points, laser treatment for acne removal is quite beneficial in reducing your scars, even if it does not fully remove them. Your skin will look healthier and more even. It can be costly and the recovery time can take a while, with a lot of strict rules on what to do after the procedure, but in the end it is worth having a fresher look and feeling more confident in yourself.

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