DermRollers: How to Rejuvenate Aging Skin without Makeup


Are you tired of putting on makeup every day to keep the wrinkles at bay? 

Guess what? Your skin is tired too. Makeup is not good for your skin, but we continue to wear it.

As women age, beauty becomes a catch-22. Your skin will age more slowly if you don’t wear makeup, but it won’t look younger unless you do!

The world is a cruel place. 

But don’t give up just yet. There are beauty alternatives that can make your skin look younger and healthier without makeup or cosmetics. 

One of them is called DermRollers. It’s a microneedling tool like those used by dermatologists for over a century. This technique for revitalizing aging skin is hated by big pharma and the cosmetics industry because it’s 100% natural, scientifically verified, and FREE. 

DermRollers is so effective at reversing signs of aging that it’s been named the #1 microneedling tool in Australia. 

Below, we’re going to tell you how it works safely and naturally to turn back the clock on your skin. 

What is DermRollers?

DermRollers is a manufacturer of a hand-held microneedling tool called the DermRoller. You can use this tool to give your skin dermabrasion therapy treatments at home.

If you haven’t heard of dermabrasion therapy, it’s because until now, it’s only been available at dermatologists’ clinics. Dermabrasion therapy is the practice of making tiny punctures in your skin in order to trigger your immune system to flush your skin with collagen and elastin (vital proteins for youthful and firm skin). 

With DermRollers, you can do this treatment, also known as microneedling, at home. It only takes a few minutes, and it’s all-natural. 

How Does Microneedling Work?

Microneedling works the same way as dermabrasion therapy, just on a smaller scale. When you roll your DermRoller tool over your skin, hundreds of tiny needles will make microscopic punctures in it. 

These punctures don’t hurt, and they’re too small to draw blood. You will hardly notice them at all. But your immune system will put all its might into repairing the damage. As soon as you finish rolling, your body will begin to produce extra elastin and collagen and deliver it to your skin. 

Your body heals your skin by creating new skin cells according to the instructions in your DNA. Those instructions tell your body how to produce youthful skin–not aging skin. So in essence, you are replacing your aging skin with youthful skin by “hacking” your immune system.

No makeup. No expensive creams of serums. No pills or chemicals. 

DermRollers uses the most powerful resource of all to literally turn back the clock on your skin—your body! 

Does DermRollers Really Work?

Yes, and the results are pretty astounding. The before-and-after pictures from DermRollers customers speak volumes, but so do the multiple scientific studies done on microneedling tools like DermRollers.

These studies have confirmed the effectiveness of this treatment. And they’ve shown just how fast it works. 

One study done on aging skin on the neck found that microneedling significantly and visibly improved the appearance of wrinkles and age lines in just 2 sessions. And those sessions lasted just 5 minutes each! That’s a total of 10 minutes to achieve visibly younger skin without makeup. 

DermRollers doesn’t just work on signs of aging. It can also help reduce or reverse many other conditions, such as:

  • Breakouts and blemishes
  • Acne scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Pigmentation issues
  • Large pores
  • Cellulite
  • Rosacea
  • Dermatitis
  • Hair loss
  • More

There’s very little that your body can’t do when you harness the power of your immune system. With DermRollers, you can take back control of your skin without makeup and expensive cosmetics. 

Is DermRollers Safe?

Yes. DermRollers and microneedling are safe as long as you always make sure your DermRoller is clean before you use it. 

One study even pointed out how safe microneedling was, calling it a “risk-free” skincare technique. 

Microneedling might make you feel a bit woozy thinking about all those little needles. But they’re so small that they can’t do any harm. Microneeding is 100% natural, and so is your body’s response to it. 

With the explosion of counterfeit cosmetics and the discovery of carcinogens in makeup, microneedling is a breath of fresh air. And when you choose DermRollers, you’ll be in especially good hands.

DermRollers is the #1 microneedling brand in Australia for a reason. The DermRoller was designed according to dermatological standards. It is manufactured with medical-grade titanium that won’t break or rust, so you can always trust your tool is safe.

Save Over 40% on DermRollers Today 

If you’re tired of wearing makeup and spending all your cash on cosmetics, you have to try DermRollers. It costs about the same as a week’s worth of makeup, and you can use it to rejuvenate your skin for life.

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