A Quick General View of the Divorce Process


Dissolution of marriage or divorce is not a simple thing. It involves a lot of emotional, financial, personal, and family matters. Everyone can have a piece of advice for you to improve your situation and reconsider the decision. Still, if anyone or both of you are not happy for whatever reasons and your lives seem to be falling apart, it can be an ideal situation. Divorce filing is a legal process wherein you need to perform a set of formalities. It may not be easy for anyone to handle them, along with the mental pressure of separation. So here is a small rundown of things that one has to do when going for a divorce. 

You need to know that one or both people can file a petition. If one of the couple files for it, the other person will receive a Summon and the Petition. He or she has to respond to it within 20 days, either themselves or through a lawyer. Anyway, it is always better to hire an attorney as they specialize in this. If you live in Boulder County, you can check Burnham Law, for example. You don’t need to take any additional burden. 

Initial Stage

No matter who filed for divorce, spouses have to disclose their finances. The court will give a date requiring both parties to appear along with their lawyers (if hired). It tends to be an informal procedure where the court decides about trial or settlement. Based on the situation, there can be a hearing on various issues, including parenting, child support, maintenance, etc. If there is a lack of agreement, the honorable court can announce a final date. Usually, most cases don’t enter the trial phase.

Divorce Discovery

It is a pre-trial phase where both parties receive evidence and information from each other. If there is a dispute over parental responsibilities, the court can appoint a team to investigate the situation and recommend a solution. Before the final order hearing, there can be a mediation process to ensure everyone is up-to-date with the matters. Besides, couples can negotiate among themselves also or involve their lawyers for settlement. 


If both parties settle, the attorney can create a Separation Agreement citing all the terms and conditions. In case of disagreement, the court will intervene to determine various aspects, such as the fair division of properties, debts and maintenance, child custody, etc. The court doesn’t pass any biased judgment. It looks into the outstanding issues to find their resolutions. Since trials are expensive, couples try to avoid them unless impossible. 

It is essential to realize that divorce tends to be an emotionally stirring event in life. It puts everything at stake, right from self-esteem to income to assets and children’s future. Hence, you can expect it to be an overpowering phase of your life. But all these feelings can disappear over time. Since it involves both legal and emotional matters, you can entrust someone experienced with the first part to find a little bit of relief. To be precise, you can consult a divorce attorney for smooth navigation through the process.

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A very nice blog, I like the way you share very honestly and interestingly, through my blog I learned a lot of things. 

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Hi, thank you for this process, it is actually very important to get good solutions these days. I think the most important thing is to find divorce lawyers who will help you smooth corners and find solutions.